03 January 2008

Who would help you?

From the Soldier and Cop side: Do you have a friend or family member that you would run into a burning building to save? If you couldn’t think of anyone, then maybe you suck. In life we all have to be a leader one day… that could be leading a family, at a civilian job, or soldiers in a war. If you have nobody you’d save, then there may not be anyone to ever “save” you when you need it.
As an Army leader, one of my duties was to always make sure my troops ate before I did… even if I didn’t get to eat. Many times in Iraq I sent my guys to the mess hall (sorry, I’ll never use the term DFAC) to eat. Some of those times they went and realized that due to my work, I was not going to get a meal…so they picked up food and brought it back to me. I took care of them, and they took care of me. If this doesn’t make sense, I can’t help you.
(today's photos: The house fire happened whilst I was on patrol...nobody liked the guy who lived there, so nobody ran in to save him... too bad he was out when it happened. The vehicle is a Stryker...what a ride!)

Mission Mosoul: Part 4: Meeting the Wicked Witch of Mosoul.
The POS Humvee made it to the building we were going to work. My team and I unloaded our gear, secured our weapons and I walked inside to meet our new temporary leader. (Oh, if I haven’t said, at this time of my deployment I had a “MOBIL---- TEAM”, so we were going to a lot of places.)
I entered the building and asked for the person in charge. I was guided to a small office, and inside I found a very overweight, ---Sergeant. She was out of uniform and had on a very dirty food stained thermal underwear shirt…her belly was hanging out the bottom. Her hair was like a bird’s nest, and she looked like an escaped mental patient. I introduced myself and my team and said we were there to help. She said:“I don’t know why they sent another Mobil----Team. The last one was useless, they couldn’t write reports, I have no use for the National Guard. I was an instructor at Ft H for --- years.”

I looked at this mess and did my best to control my temper. I did think about just smacking the shit out of her…but I was a professional. I’d let the crack about the National Guard go…for now.
I just stood there and smiled…. Then I said: "Well, do you have someone who can show us around and we’ll get started.”
She got up off her fat ass and walked out the door…saying: “Follow me.” I had to run to catch up as did the rest of my team. During the entire tour, she had nothing but bad comments to make about us and said she didn’t need us.

To be cont.


Anonymous said...

I hope a very large house fell on her at some point....very scary, very wicked witch....
...doesn't need you? I hope you rescued Toto from her grip.


"D" said...

Nope, she made it through her deployment...and everyone she saw hated her...then she went back to Ft.... and I happened to see her last summer...she got promoted. I walked past and pretended I didn't see her....

Anonymous said...

Promoted for what? Jesus this woman didn't need ahouse to fall on her sounds like sounds like flying monkeys picking her up and dropping her off the side of a large building would have been more poetic...