23 January 2008

OK, a Cop story....

From the Cop side: An extremely good friend asked me to tell one of my cop stories...then I'll get back to my Iraq ones.
As many of you know I've been a cop for a long time. One of the things that most cops will tell you is the most exciting thing you'll ever do as a cop is get into a vehicle pursuit. In the last few years the law makers have been trying to take that little bit of fun away from us by making us fill out so much paperwork after a little chase, that you don't want to do it anymore.
But, every once in awhile, there comes along some knucklehead who you cannot let get away... and you know you will go after him.
The other thing I could not figure out, is why would someone driving some P.O.S. 4 cylinder car with 300,000 miles and barley running think that they could out run a 250 H.P. Crown Vic with a highly trained cop driving it....
Here's one of my favorites:
I was working in a small town PD in Northern California. What we lacked in numbers, we made up for in quality of cops and determination to get the job done and good equipment. I was working the night shift, it was summer and the nights were warm. At about 8 PM (2000 hrs) I was dispatched to a complaint of a "Violation of a Domestic Restraining Order" The call on the computer screen in my car showed further info on the call...like the suspect was not there.
I arrived and went to the front door where the victim greeted me. She was very shaken and appeared to be in fear. I began doing my thing which involved figuring out what kind of crime there was and, just as important, calming the victim down.
Here's what I found. The victim's ex-boyfriend had just been released from prison. He had come by the house, followed her, called her and made threats to kill her if she didn't get back together with him. He was a Meth user and had been very violent in the past. A records check showed he'd been convicted of many crimes, including felony battery on police officers and domestic violence with great bodily harm. He was a bad dude.
Now, keep in mind, many criminals are not very bright people, a point I can prove over and over. While I was there talking to my victim, Knucklehead Meth Freak calls her. She hands me the phone and I asked: "who is this?" He told me. This call was another violation of the restraining order to which I now had a very good witness for court- ME.
I listened to Knucklehead Meth Freak rant and rave on the phone-- asking if I was the new boyfriend. He assumed I was and told me he was going to come over and kill me. After I felt I had enough information to make a good case, I told the puke who I was. He swore then hung up the phone.
I finished interviewing my victim and advised the dispatcher of the info I had to broadcast a B.O.L. for the Knucklehead Meth Freak. We spent the rest of the shift looking for him with no luck, but the guy would just not go away...but he was going to learn he had f--ed with the wrong guy.
To be cont.


Hope said...

ummm 'scuse me!!! let's get going with the end man!!! big grin...you are such a tease.

J said...

Wow...messed up, very bad dude...tell us you caught him.

I thought I was so patient...but apparently I'm not. Hurry and finish the story!! It's like a scary movie.
...where is heeeee????