21 January 2008

We Win Wars Because......?

OK, This will be short...I have my ACU's (Army Crappy Uniform) in the wash and I have put most of my army gear away. I often ask myself:"Self, why did you re-enlist (3 times?) I know, because I'm a dumbass. The only good news from this last 5 day weekend to Camp Roberts (where they spent more money on their mission statement than on repairing the 1942 barracks) is: I won't have to go to Kosovo...for now.
The bad news? The asshole doctor who did my final med check for our SRE (Soldier Readiness Evaluation) said if I complained about my back, the National Guard might just have to kick me out.
Now, keep in mind this doctor was a Lt Col, but I very carefully said: "Sir, with all due respect, I have already been on 2 deployments and the reason I'm broken is because of the last all expense paid vacation to Iraq. Now, if the California Army National Guard can keep other broken soldiers who've never deployed, haven't taken a PT test in 7 years and never will deploy because they are friggen cowards, then do you really think they want to kick me out when I'm so close to retirement?"
What I really felt like doing was reaching across the desk and choking the living....out of the guy. But I didn't. I've been to Berlin, an Earthquake, 2 floods, a fire, a riot, drug interdiction mission, Bosnia and Iraq...if anyone out there thinks that is not enough, I will go one more time.
Now for the best laugh of the day. After our S.R.E. they took all of the soldiers who were supposed to deploy for KFOR and bussed them off for more training. We had about a dozen soldiers left over. 10 were going to our southern Calif unit, and 2 of us to the north (oh I guess about 400 miles apart.)
I asked 3 weeks ago and a few times this weekend...how were those of us not deploying this time getting home. They said: "don' t worry we have it worked out."
That scared me...(read older blog when we didn't get ammo before going to Iraq).
I asked again on Sunday...how are we getting home. "Don't worry, we've taken care of it"
So, this morning 2 buses arrived. I asked the first bus if he was going to Nor-Cal or So-Cal, he said So-Cal. The second bus was also going south. There was no bus coming to take us home.
Now, every once in a while, there comes along an Army LT worth a darn.....we were lucky one happened to be there. He started making calls.
Some knucklehead screwed up the bus order. So they had two 50 passenger buses for 10 soldiers... The LT had his own car there...he told us he'd give us a ride north...not realizing how far it really was. He lives in Near LA....so he will spend 16 hours driving and is still driving while I'm home writing this blog. That is a good leader in my book.
The soldier who screwed up the bus order should be "gut shot" and fired...but I'm sure he'll cover his mistake and shift blame and someday become a Sergeant Major because he works full time for the National Guard and is a protected person.
We win wars because we deal with chaos everyday... When I find out who was responsible for us almost getting left behind, he will wish he had simply died.
Thanks HOPE, Thanks GRUMPY, Thanks Katana and Special thanks to "J" for praying I'd not have to go again... it really helped. But, there are a few of my really really good friends who also have 2 deployments behind them who may be going...because they want to. So they'll be "Tripple Vets". Will I feel bad for not going with them? Not one bit...but I'll support them from home this time.

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J said...

You're welcome soldier...anytime. So glad you did't have to go!!
...you have served well..above and beyond well...

It's good to know that there are still some good leaders left who are nice enough to give un-deployable soldiers a ride home from a "museum" base that doesn't understand how transportation works.

...and with all due respect, will you hold the confused dr for me while I hit him? don't laugh, I would do it.

...and you know we'll help you take good care of your triple vet buddies...

Glad you're not goin', D.