26 January 2008

Justice and the KMF....

From the Cop side:Ok, so I guess I got some of my readers a little PO’d that I didn’t end this Knucklehead Meth Freak story. So, here’s

Knucklehead Meth Freak Part 3:
While I was still talking to my female victim on this case, her former boyfriend the Knucklehead Meth Freak called again – while I was standing there in her living room. The victim handed me the phone and I could hear KMF yelling: “you bitch; I’m coming over there to kill you for calling the police. You’re dead bitch, I’m going to cut your throat and kill your fu--- daughter while I’m at it….”
He hung up the phone before I could tell him to come on over. Now I really was starting to get pissed off at this guy. What a P.O.S. He was getting no quarter and going to jail if I had to track him down to the ends of the earth.

I had a plan. I told the female victim that we were going to have one or more patrol cars near her house all night. I asked her if she thought KMF would call her again, and she said: “I expect him to call all night.”
Good. I told her when he calls back again; to tell him she would meet him at the local school a few blocks away. I told her to tell him she’d meet him in the front parking lot. After he called and she told him to meet her, she was to call the police department and let us know. The victim was to stay at home, but we’d have a meeting set up for KMF.
The victim agreed to the plan and thanked me for taking the time to fix her problem. I didn’t tell her it was my joy in life to arrest people like KMF.

I called the patrol sergeant and my partner and advised them of the plan…they thought it was good. If KMF drove into the school parking lot at 10PM, we could block him in with our patrol cars and take him down. Now, keep in mind, unlike TV shows, the AVERAGE American Police Department is very small...there were only 3 of us on duty.

Now, a lot of people don’t know police work is often like a military operation. Both deal with different types of laws. In police work we have Penal Codes, Vehicle Codes but one law that is the same is Murphy’s Law. That sucker is always messing things up so things don’t work perfect.

After I had left the victim’s home, I found a good spot where I could watch the school parking lot and not been seen. After about 20 minutes, the dispatcher called us and said KMF was on his way. This is where things didn’t go the way I wanted them to. Instead of being a good boy and driving to the school, KMF drove to the victim’s home. The sergeant was waiting near by, but KMF saw the patrol car and took off.
Now, if you’ve ever known a true Meth Freak, you’ll know they tend to drive really crappy cars. This one was a 1970 something Toyota with a 4 cylinder engine. I’m sure it had been in dozens of wrecks as all the fenders were smash, it had parts falling off, no muffler, broken head and tail lights, missing lug nuts and full of crap inside.

How could someone driving such a P.O.S. think he could take on 3 highly trained cops in 250 horsepower Crown Vics’? But he did. He saw the sergeant’s car and took off. The sergeant called us to know he was “south bound on ---drive at 50 MPH” This was a road I could safely drive at 35 MPH. I drove to the intersection ahead of where KMF should show up and stopped to wait for him to come up. I miss judged his travel time and as he came around the corner, he pointed his car right for my driver’s door. Not wanting to die right then and there, I moved a little out of the way so he just missed hitting me.
My partner was approaching the intersection and I advised him where KMF turned. My partner turned his 250 horsepower Crown Vic around and set up for chase. I made a quick you turn and followed with the sergeant just behind me.

I turned onto the next main road, Butter----Road and raised my speed to 65 MPH to catch up (in a 25 MPH zone). We were in pursuit...my favorite thing of all time... My partner was new to the department, but he had several years from another agency so he was no rookie. My partner called in the turns and everything KMF hit on the way--- stop signs, parked cars, curbs, fences, etc. Their speed was hitting 75 MPH, now in a 35 MPH zone. I think that was the top speed for KMF’s car.
My partner was now entering the next town, which he didn’t know that well. I was still trying to catch up. He advised they were turning down a street into an old resort area--- a dead end.
I advised my partner to slow down as they were going to run out of road really soon. He slammed on his brakes and watched KMF going at about 55 MPH into a giant Oak tree---never touching the brakes….wham!

As I pulled up, the dust and debris was still in the air. My assumption was KMF would jump out and try to run, or he was dead. So I grabbed my 12 gauge less lethal to knock him down if he ran. I went up to the car with that big gun pointed at the occupants and lots of other cops from other departments arrived with real guns.
KMF’s mother was in the front passenger seat screaming and KMF looked like he was dead. I handed off my less lethal and opened mom’s door. The floor was full of blood from her left tibia sticking through the skin of her leg. I called for a first aid kit and stopped her from bleeding to death.
I could not get to KMF; he had hit the steering wheel with enough force to break it. There was no way I could get to him because of the shrubs and junk on the driver’s side of the car. I could hear his breathing…sounded like gurgling and not good. I didn’t make a lot of effort to get to him because I would have been cut in the process.

Our “sit around the station and polish the fire trucks” fire department got there quick. They got out all of their really cool tools and started to crack open the car so they could get to KMF. They got “mom” out and thanked be for my great bandage job on her leg. (A leg that she lost later).
For some reason the fire fighters thought that KMF needed a dramatic rescue. It looked like he had a major chest injury and difficulty breathing. So, what could be more dramatic than calling in a friggen life line helicopter?
What a waste of tax payer’s money. The bird landed and flew the POS KMF off to an emergency room 50 miles away…so I had to drive there and have blood drawn from the asshole. I charged him with as many felonies as I could think of…
The next day the hospital called and said they were releasing our dude. We sent a car to pick him up and take him forthwith to our jail.
He was let out of prison just after I returned from Iraq….so much for our justice system.


Anonymous said...

ok...so you're right...this needed three parts...all at once and I think I would have had a small stroke. Be careful today please.

Katana said...

wow, i just finished reading this series. The end of that was really...unsatisfying :-( that guy really shoulda stayed there waaaaaay longer.