04 January 2008

Mud Pit-Mosoul, IZ

From the Soldier side: If anyone thinks they’re going to a military leadership school and learn how to be a real leader, then you’re smokin’ dope. The best way to be a good leader is to have had worked for a good leader. In my military and police lives I’ve had that luxury. What does being a good leader boil down to? Getting your job done, taking care of your people and getting them home alive. If you think it’s about getting a good OER (Officer Evaluation Report) or a NCOER, then you are going to fail. In Iraq, I couldn’t give a sh—about my NCOER.

Mission Mosoul, Part 5. After the Wicked Witch of Mosoul ran around the place we were supposed to work, she wanted to have a meeting with my #2 and myself. We sat in a room and closed the door. I took a look at her M-16A2 rifle. It was so dirty I’m sure it would have malfunctioned. How could this senior NCO let her equipment and herself get to such a poor condition? NCOs were supposed to lead by example. She was a train wreck.
We sat down, got a cup of coffee (she was nice enough to share coffee) then she asked what experience my team and I had at doing what we were there for. I told her about the training my guys had been to. I told her I’d been a cop for 25 years, and we just left Fallujah, where we helped the Marines with XXX number of ----- jobs.
She said: “Well, civilian police work doesn’t count…and the Marines have no idea what they are doing.”

That was it…I lost my cool…but remained professional. I said: “How many years where you in law enforcement? None? Well then you have no idea how much alike these missions really are. And, don’t say anything bad about the USMC, they were the best. If you don’t want my team here, I’ll get on the phone now and have us on the next flight to Baghdad. Should I make a call?”
She sat down and looked pale…more pale than usual… she was speechless for a few minutes.
Whilst this conversation was going on, my #3 hid her broom so she couldn't fly anymore.

To be cont.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the broom could lift her off the ground to begin with...

Anonymous said...

You're right, D...Having a good leader can make all the difference... good leaders are rare,indeed and have saved a lot of lives.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

Man, that's what I love about the Guard, there are enough guys (and gals) that could give a shit about their NCOER or their career (you aren't going to get promoted anyways!) that they will speak the truth and refuse to be intimidated by BS rank.

But I am curious, are you going to be wearing ruby-red shoes by the end of this?