01 January 2008

I should have joined the Air Force!

From the Soldier side: Happy New Year!
Mission Mosul, part 2: Nobody got airsick as we flew on north. The problem with anything that flys through the air, is sooner or later it has to come down for fuel and stuff. We made a few stops, but nobody else got on our bird...then we landed at BALAD, Iraq.
Balad was a multi service camp, it had a big Air Force Base. Now, as most people don't know, the Air Force has good stuff...the best food, barracks, golf courses and stuff like that. When the Air Force builds a new base, they build the flight line and a golf course. Then they ask for more money to build the rest.
We landed and had to spend the night, so I was given a contact for a local "unit" who would put us up for the night. They sent a young Spec 4 out he helped load all our stuff in his vehicle....then he asked us what we wanted for dinner... mess hall or Burger King. I hadn't eaten a Burger King burger in months...so guess where we went.
We slept well that night, and the next morning we went to another part of the flight line and looked for something called a "Sherpa" airplane. It was the first time I'd ever heard of such a plane...and when I saw one, I was sure it wouldn't fly. Think of a giant box with wings and propellers... This is what we flew to Mosul..... What a trip!
To be cont.


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