29 October 2007

Captured cut up weapons

From the Soldier side: One of the best "jobs" I was on, was in Bosnia. It was beautiful country, nice folks, and lots of guns and explosives still floating around.
The photo is what was supposed to happen when weapons were turned into SFOR. I did read some news accounts of some ending up in other countries later on---even Iraq.

28 October 2007


From the Soldier side: When asked: "CI-Roller dude, did you know any heros in Iraq?"
I have to answer with "I knew a bunch."
I my opinon, anyone who was willing to go out into Baghdad everyday just to do their job was a HERO!
We had a few who didn't want to go outside the wire, but we had a bunch more who did. This is one of the teams. Their faces are blacked out for Op-Sec.
What is a hero? Someone who does what has to be done when nobody else can or will do it.

24 October 2007

The Lightening Taxi-Airborne thing....

From the Soldier side: (sorry I'm not doing more stuff from the cop side, but this stuff is more exciting.) My good long lost friend Sgt Grumpy is working his mission in Iraq now. (see one of the blogs below for the link). I pray he stays safe and does not become as grumpy as me.
Some folks asked why I "volunteered" for Iraq back in 04. I mean I'd just returned from one deployment and I was supposed to not have to deploy for a whole year.
Well, our Battalion commander really needed us. (yeah, he just needed bodies) He swore that: "If you go now, at least you get to go with your own unit." Wow, that sounded good. To deploy to Iraq with my buddies-- many whom I'd deployed to Bosnia with. Some I'd been with for over 4 years.
Then, as soon as we got to Kuwait, they gave a bunch of us to a regular army unit. Oh well...they were just as "ate up" as any Guard unit.

The reason I volunteered.... my wife was having PMS the day I needed to sign the papers. Just kidding. I felt it was my duty.

19 October 2007

Too Much Fun!

From the Soldier side: When asked: "CI-Roller
Dude have you ever had a fun deployment?" Well, don't tell our command, but Bosnia was the most fun job I ever had. I couldn't figure out
how some soldiers who deployed with us
hated being there and were scared to death.
We did suffer from greedy, self serving leaders,
But my job was the best you could have in the
US Army.

The photo is one of our team members posing.

16 October 2007

A Good Leader!

From the Soldier side:
The person who got me interested in writing a blog will soon be going to Iraq. His blog is http://sgtgrumpy.blogspot.com/
Sergeant Grumpy was deployed with us to Bosnia (SFOR 14) and is one of the best soldiers I ever worked with as well as being one of the best humans I know. He's the kind of guy who would do anything for a friend or a fellow soldier.
Sgt Grumpy's blog for today talks about leaders. It seems he had at least one good one. With all the humor we try throwing out, I can be honest about one thing...good leaders are very very hard to find. I'm talking about leaders, not managers. I my lines of work we need leaders...not desk jockeys.
A leader knows how to do the job and can do it better than those he or she is leading. A leader knows those who work for him or her and knows how to get those who follow to do the job.
The good leader has people who ENJOY working for the leader and would not want to work with any other.
This is something you can't learn in a school...you can learn how to do it better, but the basics are not learned.
Check Sgt Grumpy's blog....he's talking about a good leader. If you don't understand, then move out of the way and let someone else lead.