24 October 2007

The Lightening Taxi-Airborne thing....

From the Soldier side: (sorry I'm not doing more stuff from the cop side, but this stuff is more exciting.) My good long lost friend Sgt Grumpy is working his mission in Iraq now. (see one of the blogs below for the link). I pray he stays safe and does not become as grumpy as me.
Some folks asked why I "volunteered" for Iraq back in 04. I mean I'd just returned from one deployment and I was supposed to not have to deploy for a whole year.
Well, our Battalion commander really needed us. (yeah, he just needed bodies) He swore that: "If you go now, at least you get to go with your own unit." Wow, that sounded good. To deploy to Iraq with my buddies-- many whom I'd deployed to Bosnia with. Some I'd been with for over 4 years.
Then, as soon as we got to Kuwait, they gave a bunch of us to a regular army unit. Oh well...they were just as "ate up" as any Guard unit.

The reason I volunteered.... my wife was having PMS the day I needed to sign the papers. Just kidding. I felt it was my duty.

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