02 January 2008

The food's better in Iraq!

From the soldier side: One of the things that really sucks about getting called up for deployment is, among man other things, the food. Here is an actual picture of what we were served while training in the States for deployment to Bosnia. For some reason the National Guard and Reserve camps in the US serve food that is so bad, you often don't even want to eat. The food in Iraq and Bosnia was 100 times better! No shit!
(the photo on the left is a real meal from some camp, the meat is "multi meat" they take a mix of crap, and call it whatever they need that day. The photo on the right is my "terp" and me at Mosoul, Iraq.)

Mission to Mosoul Part 3:

We flew the "Sherpa" from Balad to Mosoul, Iraq. It landed with most of it's parts and we got off. I walked to the flight ops building and put a call into the folks we were going to work with. A few minutes later, a battered Humvee rolled up. I had never seen a Humvee in such bad shape and still roll. One front wheel was so bent, that the thing wobbled and shook as it rolled. The windshield had bullet holes, and the body actually had rust. How did fiberglass have rust?
What a P.O.S. Everything wrong with this vehicle could be fixed, but it appeared whoever was using it didn't care. Not a good sign.
We dumped our gear in back, and at great risk to our lives, we climbed inside....for a short ride across the camp to the "place" we'd be working...maybe.

To be cont.


Anonymous said...

"multi-meat"? that is scary stuff, soldier. Maybe we need to send care packages to the National Guard and Reserve camps. I think I'd opt for beef jerky and coffee beans over that.

Katana said...

... the food in the dfac in iraq is good, according to my husband. So he's set... unfortunately he's also the cook in the family.


PS. Get beef jerky. get sunflower seeks. Trail mix... you'll be set.