08 January 2008

What kind of gun is that?

For a young person from TX: What kind of gun is this? It looks like a WWII German MG 42, but it's really a Yugoslavian M53 in 8MM. It is just like a gun I found in Telafar, Iraq. (Bosnia is in part of what used to be Yugoslavia)
OK, on to Mission Mosoul, Part 7: After my meeting with the wicked witch, you recall I called back to Baghdad. Some readers couldn't believe that this witch was really as mean as she was...I actually toned it down...she was in fact yelling and screaming at us. If I had found her on the streets back home as a police officer, I would have transported her forthwith to the county mental health hospital for a mental eval.
The day after our "discussion" I went to the witch's office. She said" There's a major from ---- who's on his was here. He wants to talk to YOU."
I was a little surprised....but within 10 minutes, an Army Major walked in the door. He looked like a poster child for the US Army, tabs and combat patch, airborne and all.
He asked if there was an office where he and I could talk, and I looked at the witch. She got up and said: "here, use mine and walked out."
The Major and I had a long talk...it turned out to be a job interview of sorts. We were not going to have to work with the wicked witch after all...oh joy!
To be cont. Mission to Telafar, IZ

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J said...

I though it was a WWII machine gun at first....but then I was surprised to see it was a M53 and only 8MM.
I saw a picture of some guns...it looks like there's a 15 round clip next to a pistol...what would something like that go to?