04 December 2007

He was the door gunner on the Space Shuttle....

From the Soldier side: If you're in the military or, even in civilain Police work, you've run into the soldier or cop who's done it all. He (or she) knows it all. They've done everything and seen it all. When they tell their stories of what they've done, you are amazed.
They say things like: "when I was in Iraq I did bla, bla, bla." Or, even funnier is the ones who've never deployed, but know it all. And there are the civilain cops who have never been in a fight, but have some great stories to tell.
My favorite line was whilst someone was telling his stories, we added: "and he was the door gunner on the space shuttle."
When you run into that type, try not to laugh too hard, they need the attention and they may go off on you if you challange them about their B.S.
Have a good Christmas...
Oh yeah, Sgt Grumpy (http://sgtgrumpy.blogspot.com/ ) said something about me being tagged or some such nonesense.... since anyone who really knows who my real ID is, would suspect that it's impossible for me to actually have the computer skills to make a blog..I'm going to ignore it and see what happens...the rules of the game are too complicated for me.
I've got a new name for what the US Military is doing with the Guard and Reserve...I'm calling it the BIG SUCK. Because they're sucking some people up because they happen to be able to actually do their damn jobs. I'm going to start screwing everything up...maybe they'll make me a damn cook or something.

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Sergeant Grumpy said...

Haha, have it your way CI Roller Dude.

It's called the Big Green Weenie for a reason - although I like what you told me before better, all these things all end up being Operation OER.

Kosovo is about to declare independance, maybe they will kick KFOR our if you are lucky.

Be well bud.