12 December 2007

5 Star Hotel...I don't think so

From the Soldier side: I was talking to a young LT the other day at drill. When she was in Iraq, she was stationed in Camp Victory, Baghdad. She didn't believe me when I said any camp with running water was good.
If you ever saw the movie "Platoon" you may remember the part where the star of the movie was put on "latrine duty". In those days in Viet Nam (I was never there, I'm not that old) latrines were usually built with wood. You sat over a half barrel and did your business in the barrel. When the barrel was about half full, some poor private had to pull the barrel out, fill it with flammable fuel, stir it and light it.
What a smell...burning crap.
There was a camp I was at in Iraq that used that same method. They had no running water, but lots of ammo. The camp was hit so many times, we had to wear our body armor just to go to the latrine. No crap.

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