04 December 2007

Call me after everyone else has gone at least once!

From the citizen Soldier side: As some of my fans know, our National Guard unit is telling some of us we have to deploy again. As I've whined before, this would be the third long deployment for some of us...but, my complaints are many.
How come there's so many others in my MOS who've not ever deployed and it looks like they never will?
The "leaders" we have who're telling us we "have to go" and have no choice, are some of the same knuckelheads who've never gone to a combat zone or in some cases, have never deployed anywhere.
The Danger Mines sign is from Bosnia. I didn't get the T-shirt, I was outside the wire where these friggen signs were posted. In Iraq, they didn't have them because we assumed everything was an IED.
I am quickly loosing any little respect I had for our leaders (again). They are knuckelheads...what are they going to do? Send me to some crappy place again?
Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lord I hope not. Send me some knucklehead hair and I'll get right to work on a couple of special dolls...I wonder where I left those nice long pins...If that doesn't do the trick though let me know and I'll keep you spoiled rotten okay?