22 December 2007

Where is everyone?

From the Soldier side: I've discovered it's rather difficult to tell a story and try to keep some things "classified." Sorry for all the confusion. But this is the story of what I did in Iraq from Dec 2004 to Dec 2005. I'm home... I can look back and laugh...it's therapy for me.
Some days I don't laugh... but my story will continue now.. it's almost most Christmas.. in current time and in this story.
Fallujah, IZ, Part 7:
If you've ever seen any movie about ghost, that's what Fallujah looked like in Dec 04. The streets were almost empty. My team and I rolled into down town with the Marines. Two Humvees, and a few very frightened National Guard troops. The Marines had been fighting for a while..they were tired... but they kicked the insurgents butts. Our first trip to town was un-eventful... except when we went on a roof. Seems some insurgents were still playing sniper...but they sucked.
We did stuff in town, then went back to the camp.
A few days later, the Marines asked us to go a second time. We were the last vehicle of a 2 vehicle convoy, so my gunners job was to cover our "6 O'clock." That means no civilian cars should get close and none should pass us...they were assumed to be bad guys.
Well, as we stopped at a check point, a civilian vehicle came up and passed...my gunner failed at his job. Nothing happened, and the vehicle drove by... He was new...the "other guys" traveling with us got really mad at my gunner and let him know it. So we continued into town and this time on the way back, I got on the gun...
Heck, I am pretty good with machine guns and stuff...this should be easy. We rolled on back towards camp. The rules of engagement at that time were any vehicles coming up had to stop when we put up our hand...if they continued, there were no warning shots...it was a burst to the driver.
So, there we are at a check point...everything looked good, then here comes a civilian van. I yell out: "Vehicle at 6 O'clock!" I put up my hand and swing the muzzle around....it kept coming.
I was getting ready to pull the trigger and let go a burst..I had my sights lined up, clicked off the safety, ready, ready...then the vehicle comes to a stop.
I looked and saw hajji with his family in the van. A Marine runs up and yells for me not to fire...it was some Iraqi government guy and his family.
I almost smoked them... I was so glad I had the confidence to know my skills and I waited before hosing them down...that would have been hard to live with.
There, J, I feel better today... the Christmas story to come soon. -D
To be cont....


Hope said...

Just heard from J. He sounds good. I sure have had you and him on my mind. I think writing is a great way to keep things lined up right--manageable I mean.

powdergirl said...

I've never been to a war but I have come very close to killing someone in the course of a days work. Wouldn't have been my fault,and its not often you'll hear me use that sentence, but it sure would have been the gift that kept on giving in a bad way.
Glad it worked out for you.