20 December 2007

Suck it up, drive on, and survive Christmas?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From the Soldier side: When asked: "CI-Roller dude how did you make it through Christmas and all the other holidays, birthdays, and other stuff when you were away?"
I wish I had an answer. I think humor helped me the most. This time of year some people have other little battles going on...even back home. Sometimes it's someone who's passed on, sometimes it's someone we wish would pass on. (Like, "I hate that SOB, I wish he/she would die.")
Then there's the depressing part for people like Sgt Grumpy who's in Iraq now, and according to his recent blog post, he may have just realized something about the Iraqis that I didn't want to tell him...they are not worth "freeing." They are backwards, dumbass, lying, untrustworthy, stupid people. So, what the hell should Grumpy be fighting for? I'll tell you. He should be fighting for the same thing I did when I was there...to save and protect the lives of the other troops.
Despite what some well meaning citizens think...we don't fight for our country and freedom and all the crap. When we go to war, we fight for the person standing next to us... our mission is to help all the other troops survive!

Part 5, our job in Fallujah, IZ:
So the Marines turned out to be very nice, professional and good people. When ever you go and have to work with someone new, you always worry a little about how you'll get along. I always try to do what I can to get along with people...unless I have to kill them.
These guys were great! They gave us a tour of the little camp within a camp. As we were walking in the equipment container, the staff sergeant showing me around asked: "Do you guys need anything?"I explained about the lack of ammo we had. He looked shocked that we rolled up with only a few rounds. He handed me ammo cans full of 5.56 MM and 9MM ammo. I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had never been so happy to get bullets. I mean I'm a range master back home for the PD. When I needed ammo, I just picked up the damn phone and had it delivered! If I had known the Army wouldn't give me ammo for war, I would have brought my own.
Anyway, the ammo problem was now taken care of. We could go go work.
Our job? can't say much about it...but we got the privilege to "chatting" with a bunch of little turd insurgents who'd been captured. I can tell you, the ones we talked to were not very impressive. A boy/girl scout troop could have taken them out.
to be cont.

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