21 December 2007

This is some scary s.... man

OK, I'll just get right into part 6.
Falljuah, Dec 04, Part 6: What we're here for.
The Marines were great. The Army dudes we were replacing were so burned out that we did a handover in just a few days...and let them rest. It was an eye opener for me. The Marines wanted me to chat with some of the "persons" we had. Many of them were not from Iraq...so they were there for the Jihad.
Why did so many Islamic pukes come from other places to kill Americans? They were spun up on what happened at Abu Grabe Prison. In my opinion they should have taken everyone who took photos and did improper stuff at Abu Grabe and executed them. What they did made fuel for the fire for thousands of foreign fighters to come to Iraq and kill Americans. Those who were leaders at Abu Grabe and those who did the stupid childish things there, have the blood of hundreds of dead Americans on their hands. It's too bad they seem to lack the intelligence to understand that.
After we were in Camp Fallujah for a while, the Marines we were working with said they needed us and our armored humvee to roll into town with them.... they said with our vehicle they would have enough to make a convoy to "do something" in town. We just needed to borrow an M-249 SAW and we were ready... except my lowest ranking soldier had never fired a SAW. So I had to give him a quick class. "Here's the feed tray, the safety, the trigger....fire 6-7 round burst."
(You will never see the M-249 SAW on my list of favorite weapons. It is a POS. )
I tried to tell our command that everyone in our unit needed to be qualified on all the weapons we might use. They said that wouldn't be necessary. Wrong.
So we rolled into the city of Mosque with the Marines...and a few other guys whom I can't even say what type of Unit they were in, but there's a TV show about this Unit on these days.
to be cont.


Anonymous said...

Familiar driving, soldier... That's some SPM. Glad you're back safe. How did you make it with those DALs? Just like I'm having too, I guess. So much wisdom from this life, we gleen...

Put a chicken head on your SP and enjoy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

#1 on list is a DAL. ...they make life spooky.

Anonymous said...

D, I didn't realize you were there with the guys you are alluding to. As delayed as this sentiment is...brother I am so grateful you made it through all that. Merry Christmas, if I don't talk to you before then.