11 December 2007

Don't leave home without it....

From the Cop side: When asked: "CI-Roller dude, what do you carry at work?"
If you were a cop and in charge of the weapons training etc, and could authorize anything.... what would you carry? Well, would you carry something in .45 caliber? That's a good start. But an old fashion 1911 only holds 7 or 8 rounds and you have to carry it "locked & cocked" - which freaks non-gun people out.
But you like that "1911" feel. So, let see what could we do...?
How about a Para- LDA 14 shot .45 caliber? Our department issues the Glock in .40 caliber...now that's a nice "IPG" Idiot Proof Gun, but I have shot 1911 for so many years I just had to go that way.
I carry an "M-9" Beretta Mod 92 in 9mm when I play Army...for a 9mm I think it's a very good weapon. The problem is the 9mm rounds the military has to use suck.
When people ask what kind of pistol they should get, I suggest trying a few out and see what you like. Why just buy one, when you should own a few. For new shooters, take a class for someone who knows what they're doing.
Merry Christmas.
Update: I asked Sgt Grumpy at http://sgtgrumpy.blogspot.com/ to try and post stuff more often so I know he's OK...even if it's just a photo of a donkey. He listens well. Hope you get the stuff I sent before Christmas. My Christmas in Iraq was very special...I'll make everyone wait until just before Christmas before I tell the story...we were in Falluja in 04.
For the younger folks reading this. The first thing I teach anyone about guns is SAFETY! Look at the NRA site http://www.nrahq.org/education/guide.asp for some basics. Guns should only be used safely for good purposes. Everytime someone uses a gun the wrong way, it makes it more difficult for the "good people" who use guns to be able to keep that right.


Anonymous said...

If I could do it in a coherent way I would, but it's late so whaddayagunna do? I love this post.

Anonymous said...

the younger folks thank you for the NRA link...