01 May 2008

This POS can actually fly? CH 46

From the Soldier side: I was sitting in a training class for my cop job the last few days. My goal? To attend as many training classes as possible --then retire. As we were talking in the class, somehow we got to talking about flying in helicopters.
One person in the class said something like: "our military has some of the best aircraft in the world..."
I almost fell out of my seat. I asked if he'd ever flown in a USMC CH-46. He said: "oh, those are old, they don't fly those anymore...they were made in the 1960's."
Now, keep in mind that this guy was an expert. And expert at what I'm not sure, but if you asked him about anything, anything at all, he knew all about it. I explained that the USMC was still flying CH=46's in Iraq, and he continued to argue with me. I just let it go.
Look at the photo. Here' s me flying in a USMC CH-46 in 2005 in Iraq. Now, keep in mind that they don't fly this P.O.S. any more. I was there, he wasn't. I felt liking telling him to S.T.F.U.
But I didn't. I'm a nice guy.
3 hours after I got off this ride in Baghdad, this CH-46 lost power and crashed. Nobody was hurt due to the expert flying by the USMC pilots...I guess nobody told them that these things aren't flown anymore.

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