25 May 2008

Some people think....

From the Soldier side this Memorial weekend 2008: I've been back from Iraq for over 2 years now....remember I had only been home from Bosnia for about 6 months before going to that lovely place in the sand.
I still have some very nice people say things like: "thank you for your service..." etc. I always say: "thanks."
Some people say things like: "thanks for risking your life" or "thanks for putting your life on the line."
Again, I always tell these nice folks: "thank you."
But, I have to admit something. I had very little intention of "risking" my life. Yeah, I got mortared a shitload of times and even had one little assholeinsurgentturd shoot at us one day...(he missed.)
But, I had no intention of getting killed. I carried an M-4 with 9 mags, a M9 with 7 mags. My intention was not to "die for my country."
My intention was to: "Make the Insurgentasshole die for his cause."
(I kind of stole this concept from General Patton...."A lot of people think it's Nobel to die for your country. Bullshit, make the other asshole die for his!!!")
Go enjoy your Bar B Que and have good American beer and have one for those little insurgentassholes who can't drink and will some day die for their useless cause....and they really won't get 72 virgins and all that crap.


Anonymous said...

you enjoy your Memorial day, too, D. If anyone deserves to, it's folks like you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you made it back home to tell your stories...and to help those deployed and those with other battles...and to keep the memory alive of the ones who didn't make it back home.
We won't forget.
Thank you, brave soldier, for dealing with insurgentassholes so we don't have to.

Anonymous said...

hey boy...lip quivering...when are ya gunna post again???