15 May 2008

How come nothing is getting done?

From the Soldier side: Remember I was going to tell the next chapter in: "My useless adventures in Iraq."? Well, here it is. My next assignment gave me a whole new team. My old team was split up and given to other team leaders to go on a do great things. (I'm kidding) So, my new team was made up of almost all regular Army soldiers, with one guy from my National Guard unit in CA. I guess the regular Army guys didn't mind me being their boss, because they never complained. I did take them out and really teach them how to shoot, as a bonus.

Our new mission? I can only say that we were tasked with looking into why some things were not getting done in Iraq. (something to do with re-construction) Of over 1,100 jobs in the Baghdad area alone, do you know how many got built? Zero! They couldn't even find over 300 of the jobs! When I read later in the news about Army officers etc getting arrested for stealing or loosing so much money, I lauged my ass off.

So,anyways... some friggen genius in Head Quarters thought that we could do even more stuff by traveling all over the friggen country. I learned a lot...Iraq sucks. It sucks really bad. It's hot, dry, smells, with stupid useless people all over the place. So, as part of the great plan that I seemed to have no control over, we went back to Fallujah, Iraq. This time I'd get to look around down town more and see WTF was going on-- first hand.

We arrived via Black Hawks to Camp Fallujah. I was to report to a US Army Engineer officer. Nice guys, I used to be a Combat Engineer, so I could talk to these folks. The Army officer told me that he was about to leave Iraq, so his replacement was a Navy officer. Huh? OH... a Navy Sea Bee. They're like Combat Engineers, so I could talk to them if they didn't use too many Navy words like Bow and Aft. (I have no idea which is which, and if I can't see land, I feel lonely.)

So, I reported to this nice Navy O5, Commander. I asked if he knew what we did. He didn't. I explained, he said he'd refer all of that "Stuff I did to me" since I was the expert. I told him that my team and I really needed to "chat" with the locals. He said sure, he had a good security team that could take us out. Navy Sea Bees. Oh wow.

To be cont.

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LT Nixon said...

Haha, the Navy is taking over! That's probably not a good thing. Especially because I have no inclination to come back here.