12 May 2008

What story should I tell next?

The CI -Roller is suffering a birthday. I know most people celebrate such an event, but the CI Roller would rather skip that day each year. I was going to write about another adventure in Iraq....but I guess I'll get to that later. Did you know that they have Navy sailors in Iraq acting as grunts? Well, they did when I was there. I think I'll tell that story next. Strangest thing I ever saw.... Navy people on convoys in Iraq...with M-16s and Machine guns and all. I might even have a beer or two....

And Here's a Little Video For My Buddies going to Kosovo...KFOR.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! Hope you had a good day. -P

I think you deserve a beer or two... cheers!
...and no skipping birthdays...the alternative is not good. Happy B Day, D. -J

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday D! I got you something on my blog...That video cracked me up.