05 May 2008

HIT & RUN cont....

From the Cop side: OK, to get on with my hit and run story from April 24th. Like I said, there's been many times that I wish we had some big ass armored vehicles in police work. A USMC AmTrak would be one handy vehicle for example. It could be used to go after armed bank robbers, floods, set up road blocks and just crush assholes in general.... and stop silver Hondas.
So as we take up where we left off... I'd gotten a few calls on a silver Honda crashing into things. Each time I'd start towards one crash, I'd get called off and sent to a worse one. So I'm heading along to the last known location of the C.S.H. (Crashing Silver Honda) when dispatch gets a 911 cell phone call.
A citizen is behind a silver car with no bumpers, 3 flat tires and the Honda is running stop signs and almost hit 3 kids on bicycles. The Honda and the 911 caller are heading my way. I am in the down town (remember, it's a small town) when I see this rolling pile of shit heading towards my patrol car. I have to give it the gasssss and get out of the way to avoid having my nice brand new 250 horse power black and white Ford Crown Vic getting crushed. Damn, I wish I had a B.A.A.V. (Big Assed Armored Vehicle) at that point.
I get out of the way, then flip on my lights and siren and go after the C.S.H. We were not going over 15-20 MPH, but it ran every stop sign and red light for several blocks. As we're rolling through the down town, I'm just worried that some H.U.A. (Head Up Ass) driver will not see us and crash into the C.S.H. or my 250 Horse Power black and white Ford Crown Vic...
We make it through the down town and are approaching the next jurisdiction...my lights and siren are having no effect on the C.S.H. driver. We roll on.... I'm asking for more units, but remember I'm the only patrol officer on at the time...and the Sergeant is in the office doing paper work. Crap, I need some help getting this car stopped....and I still haven't even had my morning coffee yet.
As we got to the edge of our town, the driver heads into an empty parking lot...with only one entrance and one exit. The C.S.H. heads straight for a wooden fence, then stops....turns and heads back towards me. I can see the driver now...a little old gray haired lady about 100 years old. She's just staring straight ahead. I sure couldn't shoot her, but I had to stop her before she hurt someone or herself.
I have few options.....so I jump out of my car, and yell:"Grandma, stop!"
It worked. She stopped her car, I reached in and shut off the engine...then called for Paramedics to come and check her out. She had a stroke...not idea where she was or what she'd done.
The Honda was a total loss...but nobody had been hurt. Amazing but true.

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J said...

NO WAY! Are you serious? After all that it's "Grandma stop!" Ohhh...that's one bazaar story.