30 April 2008

That soldier has big "ones" but....

From the Soldier side: After reading Grumpy's blog about our great Medics......
One day in 2005, one of my teams was going out on a mission in Baghdad. I wasn't on the job that day....but they had a lot of good soldiers with them...as a matter of fact, they were all good soldiers.
As they headed for their mission....they heard gun fire. Did the security team leader turn the convoy around and head home? Nope.

The drove to the sound of gun fire....and saw an Iraqi police squad was being shot at by A.I.s (Asshole Insurgents) and one of the I.P.s (Iraqi Police) had been hit in the neck.

The Security team leader, was also a C.L.S. (Combat Life Saver-- advanced first aid) and jumped out of the Hummer and ran to the injured I.P. Picked up the I.P. and carried the I.P. back to the Hummer and put him into the back seat and began treating his injuries. They hauled ass to the next camp and the I.P. was treated by US medics.

That security team leader was a Female Soldier...and in my book I'd have her go with me any day.

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