30 April 2008

More fun tips for deployments.....

From the Soldier side: Something we did in both Iraq and Bosnia to make time go by...if a person left on a "special" computer on whilst they stepped out of the room to eat, go to the potty or whatever, that allowed us to "remind" them that they violated a rule...Log off the damn computer dummy rule. If they were still logged on, we could send e-mail out to other Army folks. If the soldier who made this error was a male, we'd send e-mails to other male soldiers that read something like this: Dear Bill, I miss you. I can't wait until this deployment is over so we can get together and date. I miss your ...bla bla bla. I'm sure you get the idea. We had a similar concept for those who left a digital camera lying around. We'd take the camera and take a picture of some body part that you usually didn't show in public. Then return the camera to where we found it....then wait until the dummy went to show some (usually female) soldier all the great pictures the dummy had taken. I was that dummy who left his camera lying around a few times. I learned not to do that with some of the folks I worked with. Very embarrassing.

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