23 April 2008

What causes PTSD?

From the citizen Soldier side: Many people I know asked me after I returned from Iraq: "Are you OK CI-Roller dude?" (well, my friends don't actually call me that, but that's my blog name...so I'm going with that)
I looked back at these @(#$)@!## people and said: "What do you mean, am I OK?"
They wanted to know if I had PTSD from Iraq. So, I'd ask them: "I don't know, how in the #*&$# can you tell?"

I'm just kidding. I can usually explain that PTSD is not a problem I have. ..until I have to deal wit some kind of Federal or State stupidness. Take for example going on line and trying to get information about Educational Assistance for college or something for a vet. Now, try the California Army National Guard web sites....first of all, California doesn't have crap for their Guard or Vets ...not like many other state...Calif sucks. They post e-mail addresses for people to e-mail for help...but the e-mail addresses don't work and bounce back...

IT just gets worse. So, then you try to call and talk to a person...then you get a voice mail system that would put most hospitals to shame...with and endless loop to nowhere. I give up...I'll just be stupid...why do I need a degree?

Oh, then when you talk to someone at some of the Military Friendly colleges, they tell you if you're on active duty, there is likely tuition assistance you can use. Well, the last two times I was on active duty, I worked 8 days a week...sometime 16 hours a day...often in the field with no computer access...so how in the hell was I supposed to take college classes in Bosnia or Iraq?

Then there's the friend of mine who's trying to get a job. The problem is, she spent her life raising her kids, so she has no recent job experience. She's one of the smartest people I know and very honest etc...but nobody wants to hire her.

No, I don't have PTSD...I just need a cup of coffee, and for the California Army National Guard to hire more people like our full timer who's the only one I know who can actually get anything done.


Hope said...

It makes me mad that we don't do more for our vets. They above everyone else deserve so much more effort on the part of our government than they get. It chaps my backside.

LL said...

Want I should find out who you should actually contact? I have some friends who might know. One used to be the driver for the GEN ya'll work under. They might or might not know.

Email me at LL@chromedcurses.com if you want the assistance.

Anonymous said...

I know some people has PTSD