11 April 2008

COMBAT COMIC Goes to his 4th WAR!!!

From the Soldier side: I just got word from a National Guard buddy of mine who moved to New York (I guess that makes him a Damn Yankee) last year. His name is Joe. He was in our Calif guard unit for many years and I went to Bosnia and Iraq with him. He's one of the funniest people I know and I recall some good stories.

One time in Bosnia, Joe was working back in the main office at Eagle Base. We wanted to go talk to a local dude, but the dude's file had a note in it that we would need permission from the main office before we could contact this dude. We really wanted to go talk to this dude, so I called the main office.

Joe answered the phone...they were busy watching a DVD in the office and I could tell I was disturbing him, so I told Joe about the dude we wanted to talk to...Joe, without even looking up his file said: "I don't give a shit, go ahead and talk to him."

We really should have had approval from the boss, but I didn't care...so we just took Joe's OK and rolled with it.

Joe was originally in the Regular Army 82 Airborne...he went to the Gulf War... He came home, got out of the army…then joined the Calif Guard, then went to Bosnia, Iraq and now he's in Afghanistan with the New York National Guard. I will pray for him and hope he survives his fourth war.

If anyone wants to send him stuff, e-mail me and I'll give you his address.


Hope said...

hell D...that's a no brainer...standing by. hope

J said...

Damn Yankees named Joe need all the support we can give 'em. (I can say that because I'm a Damn Yankee named J)...

4 wars, wow...he deserves a lot of good cigars, huh?

Sergeant Grumpy said...

Damn it, I thought he was getting out. Is he in the same job we all had?

LL said...

I do lots of care packages. JP Borda at milblogging.com or Marcus at soldiersperspective.us or Blackfive can vouch for me that I'm a safe supporter and not a nutjob. If you'd like to forward the address...LL@chromedcurses.com