20 January 2010

When it counts, have a Good Plan & a Plan B

(Editors note:  Wow, I have 30 "followers" now.  Sorry you all have nothing better to do.  And it's Led Zepplin day!)
From the Soldier side: In all my years as a Soldier and a civilian cop, there’s a few key points I’ve learned about survival. You can plan on equipment, vehicles, people, weather and anything else you little Field Manual shows you…but one of the most important things to have in you kit bag—a good plan and a better back up plan.
If you don' make a good plan on what to do with all that shit, it will end up going to waste.  Hope is not a plan.  Waiting to see what happens is not a plan.  A plan is figuring out what you need to do, how to get there and do it, and how to come back all safe. 
My number one rule in Bosnia and Iraq was: "None of you people are allowed to get hurt or killed.  Do you understand me?" 
It worked.  Nobody I was ever in charge of got hurt in either deployment.  But the truth is, it was from planing shit out. 

                                              View from Army Black Hawk, Bosnia 2004

This picture of an old Fort in Bosnia, which was built hundreds of years ago… The dude who built the fort had a great “Plan A” but no “Plan B.”

The fort had a great view of the ground below it and around it. If they had machine guns and modern cannons, they would have devastated any enemy who tried to attack. But what is the purpose of a fort? The purpose is to protect a village or town. Any fort is limited on how much food and water the occupants can stock up. If lucky, they could stock enough for months or years. However, in them days they had no way to can or freeze food.

How would you take this fort with minimum casualties for your troops? Let’s say you had lots of time. (Hint: look at the photo. There’s only one way into and out of this fort.)

Block the only road and starve the defenders out. Kind of makes me think that even though this was built in what is now Bosnia, maybe it was built by the French?

When it’s really important, always have a good plan and an even better back up plan, if you need one of something, bring two. (One is None, Two is One.) Have an alternate means of escape, don’t let your gas take go to Empty, have extra ammo, food and water, don't depend on tech stuff because the batter will die when you need it.... and plan two steps ahead of your foe. There is not an Art of War, there’s only good planning, good training and a determination to win. (Don’t forget “Murphy’s Law, and make Plan B better than Plan A)
--------------------Have a friggen great day, but plan it first----------------------


WomanHonorThyself said...

got it!..tis all bout the plan!..great post and hey ..I always say: Have a great day..unless ya made other plans..lol :)

Hogday said...

What a very practical post. As a young police officer I learned from my olders and betters exactly this. Every incident should have a plan - an approach plan, an exit strategy and several `what-if's in between, especially as it was always the simplest of jobs that would go bent. Napoleon wisely said that no plan ever survived beyond the first contact with the enemy - but that's not to say there wasn't a plan in the first place, because one can always adapt from the basic. Good stuff RollerDude.

Coffeypot said...

I plan on waiting and see how it developes. Plan B...go back to bed.

Ally said...

Where were you back in the days before I understood that not making a decision WAS a decision? And, I have other things to do, just not near as fun or worthwhile. . . therefore you are one of the blogs I read regularly :)

Just think how many lives you are touching - how many minds you are expanding. . or is that corrupting? I have to ask Hope, she'd know.

CI-Roller Dude said...

WHT, My plan for work today was to start out with a cup of coffee and hope nobody bothered me...

I suppose I came up with better planning for my "Army" jobs due to my police training...but the funny shit is, most police departments used some of our army's planning styles to make plans for things like a SWAT mission...then so many in the Army forgot the same shit.

CP, If you had a lap top, you wouldn't even need to get your ass out of bed except to eat and go to the head.

Don't set your hopes too high on this blog... It's just crap that happens to pop in my head...and I thought I ran out of shit...then the coffee kicks in ...

Sorry, what was I talking about?

America's 1st Sgt. said...

Just don't forget to make you plan zombie proof! If your plan can withstand the zombie apocalypse then it will work in any situation. Besides, you never know when those undead SOBs might shamble out and try to take a wet bite out of you. Stinkin' zombies.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Amerca's First Sergeant (TOP)
My Zombie plan:
2x4 lumber to block doors and windows
large stock of 12 gag buck shot for Benilli shotgun and plenty of 5.56 for my M4.
When the long guns run out, then it's the muzzle loader and pistols for close work.
Zombies require head shots...so practice is required.
the Zombie brained officers in Iraq and Bosnia could not be stopped.

Hogday said...

Ah, the good old `equaliser` 12ga. My fave CQ load - 00 Buck! A one man firing squad. And guess what, the Brit infantry are getting another rifle.... and its in 7.62. Here we go round again.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Did I mention it was 12 gag 31/2 inch magnum?
7.62 MM Full Metal Jacket...I saw a lot of young soldiers in Iraq humping old M14s the army had pulled out of storage to use for longer range.
A few of the troopers carring them had no idea how to take the M14 apart to clean it...I showed one how and he as happy.

Red said...

Great post! I am a big believer in having a Plan B because my Plan A's rarely work out

Kanani said...

Beautiful picture! Which fort is this?
Yes, plan A, plan B. And when you have kids you quickly find out the necessity of Plan C.

CI-Roller Dude said...

In some missions...plan C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K etc....

With kids.... forget any plans until they grow up and move out.
I like the idea of English boarding schools when they turn about 10 or 12. then send them to military school until they get a job or something...

Saker said...

I don't get to do a whole lot of my own planning right now, but I spend plenty of time trying to figure out the reasoning behind other people's plans...

Lily said...

I found your blog through Airman mom's blog, i love your sense of humor, sarcasm is the key to sanity, lol lol

I hope you don't mind, I will be one more of those 30+1 people who have nothing else better to do than to read your blog, lol

have a great weekend