03 January 2010

Fashion Advice that you won't get anywhere else....

From the Cop side:  I was reading some chic blog the other day. Yeah, I’m read things like that because some of them are interesting. One I looked at,  the poor woman was talking about her fashion problems. “What lipstick do I wear with bla bla bla.”

Then they have to worry about things like earrings should go with a necklace and things like which heels to wear with a red dress. I didn’t know how tough this could be…this world of fashion.

CI Roller Dude looking like he cares...

Then I started to think. Usually I put on my blue jeans and go to work. When I get to work, I put on a dark blue uniform. My fashion problems at that point have to do with: “should I wear a long sleeve or short (where I work this can be a question year round.)
But, since I got promoted to Sergeant, I now may have to dress up to do other duties. Then the fashion problems abound.

This in-the pants holser was made for me by a guy in Bosnia for my M9

Well, if I’m wearing a suit, should I use the .380 Beretta in the shoulder holster, or the XD .45?

If I’m doing a presentation to some citizens, should I wear the Para .45 in a hip holster, then should I use black or brown.  Oh, if it's going to be night time, should I wear the XD 45 with the light attached? 

Some basic weapons fashion concepts:
1.) Never use a nylon holster unless you are in a combat zone. They look crappy.
2.) If you are wearing a black belt, you must have a matching black holster, do not mix colors
3.) If you are dressed for the night out, bring a smaller pistol so it doesn’t show.
4.) Test all holsters by jumping up and down to make sure you are not going to drop something and be embarrassed in public
5.) Wearing a pistol off duty or in plain clothes is not supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to be comforting.
6.) Whenever possible, bring a pistol that starts with “FORTY”, like .40 or .45 caliber.

In some cases, no other pistol will work for the job, and you just have to take something small...

So, the next time you or somebody you know is worried about shit like lipstick and things, be thankful you don't have problems like this.  And this was only some of my holsters and pistols.  Somedays it's overwelming and I just carry it like this:


Paxford said...

I'm guessing a Derringer tucked into the bra is a fashion no-no?

Thanks for making me laugh CI - makes the dragging off to work ordeal so much easier


Coffeypot said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions…what a quandary a man has to face just to look good in public. But you have the years of experience to handle the situation, Dude. Howere, my advice will be to wear the one that will get you laid the fastest.

What I want to know is which long gun do you carry in the trunk? Pump, automatic, sniper with scope, Daisy BB, what?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I don't have to think about fashion much. It's either the green outfit, or the grey and black one. They all say "Army."

Fashion is important, though. People get mad if I don't accessorize appropriately. Apparently those green socks don't go with the black shorts...


CI-Roller Dude said...

The first time I had to train a new femlase officer, I had to do some research. The little .25 auto about might work if the bra were...oh, never mind, I'll get in trouble.

Coffee, There's also some sort of "long gun" near by. If the bad guys uses his hands, I use a stick, if he had a knife I have a pistol, if he has a pistol, I have a rifle. If he has a rifle, I just run over the sob.

Saker, The Army tries to take the fun and fashion out of everything, The ACUs are the worst uniform I've had so far.

Julie said...

Ahahahaha, love this. I'd need a nice Kate Spade holster. :)

powdergirl said...

And I thought I had touble throwng an acceptable outfit together.
I had no idea...

Red said...

LOL Thanks for the fashion tips, Dude! I had no idea it was so tough to choose a holster and side-arm ;D

Anonymous said...

I have a very cool purse that has a side pocket for my "Forty-something" when fashion-clash overwhelms me. Otherwise, a nice holster that matches my belt is definately a plus. Gotta look good when your packin', right? ;)

Agent BP

Kanani said...

What holster and gun do you wear with your tuxedo?

Kanani said...

By the way.....GREAT MUSIC!

CI-Roller Dude said...

Sorry, I would do anything to avoid wearing a tuxedo. However, I'd recommned a compact .25 out in the belt line or an ankle holster.

Anonymous said...

What would you recommend for a tiny dancer?


CI-Roller Dude said...

Tiny weapons of course...with tiny bullets.
still, the holster must match the rest of the clothing...if they were dancing in tights, that could be a problem I can't figure out right now...but I'll come up with something...

If the tiny dancers were holding someone close...I'l think about it.

Anonymous said...

1. Have friends with bigger piles of hardware than you are displaying.
2. The variety of holsters and other gear to carry and support the weapons is what I find impressive.
3. Suspect that is the province of a true professional.
4. Know a lot about guns, zippy about holsters.
5. When I was paid to carry a handgun, the holsters all had flaps on them.
6. The one shooting scrape I was in (w/ druggies at Pendleton) resulted in a directive from Division that the OD gun have the slide safety wired. Wire checked and logged at each relief.
7. Obviously the command was more worried about a druggie being shot than a Marine on duty.
8. Suspect, if I had ever tried to get a handgun out of a holster in a hurry, would have shot myself.
9. Notice that the number of injuries due to accidental discharges is higher than combat received, at present.
10. Always a problem with troops engaged in operations. Always has been.
V/R JWest