07 January 2010

The Great Hippie Chase....

From the Cop side: It seems in my police and military career, I’ve often been right next to the “shit” when it happens. For 90% of the time, it was just little shit, but shit none the less.

Well, in California you don’t call shit “Shit”. Because you have to be nice. Sorry, sometimes I forget that. When I was 18 or so, that was OK because everybody figured I was just a dumb kid.

Anyway, on with the Great Hippy chase. (some details etc were changed to protect the insane) First of all, as is my policy, this is an event that happened many years ago and the Police Department I used to work for.

One thing I want to make really clear, I respect all citizens and treat them all with dignity, but have a plan to take them to jail if needed. I don’t care who a person is…treat them all with respect….that is, except lazy bums who won’t work to feed themselves.

(Note: Radio Call Letters: Xray- Sergeant, Lincoln-patrol officer, Mary-motor cycle officer, Radio – The person at the station on the radio who takes calls and dispatches the cops.)

It was a warm summer afternoon. I was on the “Cover Watch” working 3 PM to 3 AM. My primary duty was to make arrest and catch drunken drivers. At this time in my career, I had been a cop for over 20 years, so the only other cop working that shift with as much experience as me was the Xray unit. The other cops were fairly new, but good cops none the less.

I had just pulled out of the station in the down town port of town when I heard the Xray unit in pursuit. Being that he was a very calm person, he didn’t loose control, but called out on the radio something like; “Xray 123 I’m trying to stop a bicycle who’s trying to get away from me…are there any units in the down town area?”
I got on the radio and advised that “ Lincoln 5 I’m in the area, where’s he headed?”

Turns out I was only a block away…the story of my life, where there’s shit, I was right in it. The sergeant gave the location…not where he was, but where he was going…which is a better way to do such things.

The motor cycle cop, “Mary 1” was also heading towards the incident along with 2 other patrol cars. Linclon 1, 3 and 5.

So now we had four 275 horse power black and white Ford Crown Vics with Federal Vector light bars, bush bumpers, and a KZ-1000 Motor unit going after some guy on a bicycle. Each officer and the Sergeant had some kind of pistol of 9mm, .40 cal or .45. Each had a AR-15 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun with bean bag rounds, pepper spray, hand cuffs, impact weaons defibulaters and a box of band aids. We had all kinds of cool police toys. Lucky it was a slow day, or we might have been out matched.
Mary 1 sees the dipshit on the bicycle and gets close and yells on his PA “Stop the bike, now, stop the bike.”

Well, as if you weren’t expecting it, the dipshit on the bike just raised his hand extending the middle finger. Mary 1 has a motor cycle that will go about 140 MPH, the Crown Vics can easily got 120 MPH and the bike dipshit might be able to do 20 MPH if was wasn’t so stoned.

To be cont….


America's 1st Sgt. said...

Dude! You CANNOT leave us hanging like that! By the way, I have a Hippies Use Side Door sign as well. I love it!

powdergirl said...

Did you shoot him?

CI-Roller Dude said...

Top, do you think anybody else understands (besides Marines and Solders?)