06 January 2010

Upcoming adventures:

Stay tuned for the upcoming adventers of the CI Roller Dude.

The Great Hippie Chase

The CI Roller Dude with Marine K9 @ Camp Gannon, Iraq July 2005

How can you be so stupid and still remember to breath?   

Oxygen Bandits on Deployments

and many more action fun filled stories.... coming soon.

Gun UP! 


Coffeypot said...

Gun up looks more like Vietnam era.

CI-Roller Dude said...

That 81mm mortar tube was made in the 1950's. Much of the stuff we had in Berlin was crap. They didn't want to loose anything good if the Russians decided to make us all POWs.
The CI Roller Dude is on the far left. We were somewhere in West Germany for this deal.

Christiejolu said...

Can't wait!

Paxford said...

*Gives squee of excitement*... *finds the popcorn*

Okay I'm ready... begin the adventures! :)


powdergirl said...

Why didn't I thinK of that?

Just write a post saying I'm going to write a post one day soon.

Can I borrow that trick?

chupacabra said...

Dude, looks more like Tha Nam! I barely missed the pickle suits- we could still wear white T shirts with the disco collar BDUs since there weren't enough brown ones to go around (for that matter- green ones were authorized).

Red said...

"How can you be so stupid and still remember to breathe" LOL that is SOOO the quote of the day!!