11 January 2010

Coming soon...the Oxygen Bandits of deployments....

I'm working on the next post...I look it up in the Dictionary

.....Oxygen Bandit: Demeaning description of a human, who is of no use or benefit for our planet and/or society. As do all humans during their lifetime, he/she will always use oxygen to survive, but because of the nature of the human, they will never use this resource in a constructive, positive, or useful manner. Therefore they are deemed as stealing oxygen from earth’s atmosphere, i.e an Oxygen Bandit. Can be used in similar fashion as: scum , pathetic , loser, etc.


Coffeypot said...

There are time I feel like one. So shoot me.

Anonymous said...

1. Caught that detail often enough when I was a newbie.
2. Never got the T shirt or the cool patch.
3. In an earlier comment someone thought your denim fatigues looked like Nam issue.
4. In Nam, everyone wore slant pocket ripstops.
5. On departure had to turn 'em in. Got my dufflebag bag back and returned to CONUS wearing moldy khakis.
6. After wearing ripstops, denim fatigues felt like heavy card board.
7. In the mid 70's the USMC wore green and then camoed ripstops.
8. When we switched to BDU's, there was much unhappiness.
9. They were rougher than the denims.
10. The first contracts were let to minority contractors. Often different pieces on the uniform shrank at different rates.
11. Scrunched up pockets, collars and whatnot caused a lot of heartburn -particularly in an outfit that put a premium on personal appearance.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

I don't know why the military can spend so much time and money on uniforms, but not get it right very often.
The old "Olive Drab Green" uniforms I was wearing were the old fatigues, but I was not in Nam. That photo was in West German (back when there was an East and a West Germany).
I liked the DCUs we had in Iraq, but I hate the new ACUs...they look like crap, melt when in fire and the velcro sticks to everything.

Anonymous said...

I've never burnt it, but I've shoveled a lot of it, ...for the love of horses.

Coffeypot...YOU are not an O2 bandit or a horse with a broken leg...so you don't get shot today. just sayin...