06 August 2009

Today's trivia....what is that?

OK, I just think this picture is too cool! From the blogg of Sergeant Charlie at http://sargecharlie.blogspot.com/
Today's trivia question is:
What kind of weapon is the Sarge holding in this photo from Nam in 1968?
M1 Rifle
M14 Rifle
M1 Carbine
Thompson machine gun
AK 47 rifle
Remember, a lot of guys in those days didn't join, but were drafted. I salute them all. They were all heroes in my book.


Coffeypot said...

I think it's the M14. But what do I know? Ask me about a type of knot and I'm your man (if I can remember them).

CI-Roller Dude said...

Wrong guess. Stick to knots. Next guess?

Coffeypot said...

Either AK or Daisy BB.

Wrexie said...

I say an M1 Carbine.

...and that is a very cool picture.

Anonymous said...

From the pictures I've looked at on Wikipedia and elsewhere, it is a M1 carbine. But in all the pictures, there's a sight at the end of the barrel and I do not see one on the Sarge's rifle. Is there a reason for that?

Anonymous said...

1. SKS?
V/R JWest

Red said...

Good question! I can't really tell but I'm going to wager a guess anyway...is that an AK?

CI-Roller Dude said...

The picture doesn't show the entire weapon...that's what makes this more of a challange...for some.
The "Pig sticker" lug on the bottom of the barrel and the barrel band is a give away.
This is one of those military weapons I'd put on my list of "must haves" for any collector. Very handy, but the round was kind of weak and didn't have very good range.
It was disigned at the beginning of WWII, used in Korea and a little in Nam.
The weapons was supposed to be an in-between sort of weapon...not a pistol, not a rifle, but the
M1 Carbine in .30 caliber. (not the same .30 cal as the M1 rifle.)
They came out with an M2 (full auto) and M3 (night vision device) version.
The M-4 carbine was is a small M-16 and what I carried most of the time in Iraq.
That was you weapon history for the week.

~J said...

I wish you had been my history teacher...this is way more fun.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Much of Human History is about wars.
If we did away with wars, the history books wouldn't be very big and history classes would be shorter...
but that will never happen.

LL said...

Due respect -- but the cartridge is all but useless in combat in my opinion. I do understand that it was supposed to be something between a rifle and pistol round, but it was a genetic blind alley and the weapon was discontinued. The M-14 is still carried by SpecOps operators, in contrast.

CI-Roller Dude said...

LL, yep, it's too weak to be counted as a good round...but for a fun Plinker, it's good.
I saw a few M14s in Iraq being carried by the "best shooters" in the grunt units. The army pulled them out of storage...but didn't have any proper training.
The CA Army Guard had match grade M-14s on the high power rifle team until they disbanded our teams in the 90's. I heard they cut up the rifles and pistols we used.
M14 is good for semi, but too hard to control on full auto....but the troops were applying them for a sort of "marksmen" roll in Iraq.

LL said...

The M-14 is worthless on full auto, but unless you're breaking contact and want to keep people's heads down, there's not much application for full auto in combat IMHO. Burst from the SAWS and M-60's and single fire from the rifles.

It's fun to go on full rock, but it's not effective and if you are stuck with your load-out you run out of ammo too quickly.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I a "proper" squad tatic.... Most shooters should be on semi, 1 or 2 on auto or have Auto Rifle (now a SAW)
A few grenade launchers
and a real MG to cover a few squads or platoons.
Our Iraq convoys were machine gun heavy.

chupacabra said...

A platoon sergeant in a old national guard unit who had been a platoon leader with the First Cav in the Korean War told us," The FIRST thing you did when you got there was trade out your Garand for a carbine. The SECOND thing you did was trade THAT out for a Garand." He told us the first time he was in combat he shot a Chinese soldier three times in the upper body with the carbine the Chinese soldier just lowered his bayoneted rifle and bum rushed SFC Spivey who ducked into a building and wrestled his 1911 out to finish the dude when he came in after him!

PS glad to see you honor our Vietnam vets. Let's never forget 2/3s volunteered for their service.