03 August 2009

In "Plain Text..."

From the "Writer" side: I've reviewed some comments folks have left in the past. I've also had a few e-mails for those who can figure out how to e-mail me... I have no hidden agenda, no "drunken" postings, and as far as what my Army MOS really is...some have figured it's not "Mess Kit Repair" after they've googled the Army MOS list...

OK, it's really "Combat Comic." I'm one of those who in the face of danger and bad things, who, by strict training and discipline, I can stand up and start spewing some kind of humor. If I can't shoot the enemy, my duty is to make him die laughing. Our motto: "Always Laughing, Always."

Somebody commented about the time I got shot at outside of Camp Gannon. Like it was a common event. Well, once you hear the gun shots, or the mortar going off...and you see that they missed you...it does no good to get upset or freak out... as long as you are not bleeding. After awhile, at some of the places I was at in Iraq, we sort of got used to the sound of guns going off and things blowing up. Most of the guns were AKs... like Gunny Sgt Highway said in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge" you need to know the distinct sound of an enemy AK 47 going off.

It was when we heard the American weapons going off, like the M2 .50 cal, or a 240, that we started to reach for our own weapons. Most of the time our gate guards kept the camps and FOBs pretty secure.

In Nov 05, our replacements showed up in Baghdad. We were all sitting outside the "office" doing our nightly "burn barrel" ritual...when some local Hajjis let a few burst from AKs go off. It was Thursday night....and the rounds went straight up into the air (as identified by the pretty green tracer rounds).

Us "vets" thought nothing of it because the rounds would easily go over our area and land somewhere in Baghdad. However, when I looked back down to earth, all the new guys were laying on the ground looking for cover.

We just laughed and thought "gee, I'm glad we're going home in a week."


coffeypot said...

I'm too dense to dive for cover. I would have been looking up and saying, "Look at all the purty green lights." Then, again, those could be great last words, too.

Red said...

What a second, there is no Mess Kit Repair MOS? Are you sure?

CI-Roller Dude said...

Sad to say...when they stopped issuing the Mess Kits, they disbanded all the MKR units. So, unlike the federal government, we had to find new jobs.

Sarge Charlie said...

I was sorry you felt the need to insult me for my support of GW Bush on my blog, I have an untimate respect for him. I did not take your comment down but I did think it was in poor taste. I assume you are active duty now, what do you think of your CIF, I lump him with Jimmy Carter who shamed America and military service.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Sarge, I would never insult you.
I don't think any elected person should ever lie to the citizens. Too many have in the past.
When they lie about why a country should go to war, then lead the coutry to war, and get thousands killed...then it's wrong.
I'll follow my oders etc...not like that coward Major who refused to deploy because he didn't think the President is a US citizen...he's still the Prez, it's not up to us to pick and choose which war we go to.
We have not had an OUTSTANDING President in this country for many years. Rumsfeld worked for Bush...Rumsfeld lied all the time... so did Chaney...I feel sorry for Bush as maybe he just had no idea what was really going on.
I try to avoid politics, but I know when something or somebody sucks. We were totally 100% right to invade Afganstan...that's where the "base" was that caused 9-11.
There were no WMDs in Iraq, there was no Legal reason to invade that country. I had lots of time to check it out when I spent a year there.
By invading Iraq, we didn't focus on the Afgan problem...so they had time to rebuild. If we had focused 100% on the Afgan deal,we'd be leaving there by now.

Opus #6 said...

RD, it may not have been the right thing to do at the time, but you all did draw fire in Iraq that may have helped to keep the US safe all these years. It is hard to say what would have been better. I am grateful for all you and your brothers-at-arms have done.

CI-Roller Dude said...

O#6. Yeah one day in Baghdad, when I was taking some pain meds, I came to this brillaint idea, after finding all these insurgentassholes coming across the borders into Iraq...maybe we were drawing them there and making the rest of the world a better place.
then the pain meds wore off and I thought more clearly. As a matter of tactics, you don't want to spread your forces out so far. We were in two different countries fighting against the same cause. We should have staying in Afganstan, funnled them all into there, then pulled out and nuked them all.

Sarge Charlie said...

thanks man, we are cool......

Anonymous said...

1.Made this comment in a couple other fora.
2. When the Arabs are splashing ashore at Myrtle Beach, weapons at high port, by the thousands -then they're a security threat.
3. Did AT work 20+ years ago. Those folks were held in low regard, based on capabilities and achievement.
4. What made us nervous was pissed off ex-special ops types. The latter have a bunch of wars to keep them happy now.
5. The 9/11 incidents didn't impress me with the Arab's capabilities. I thought they were pretty much run of the mill. I thought our intelligence really sucked.
6. We'll have to see how the Farsi, Pakistani and Indonesian folks do over here. I'm not expecting much.
7. All of these people are much more capable in their own back yards.
8. So we have this massive DHS edifice and wars and military actions to protect us from....
9. The security industry is touting the pizza delivery gang that was going to shoot up Fort Dix and some other clowns in NYC more recently as serious threats to internal security.
10. From what I could see, these were kids, talking tough who were instantly ratted out. They are or will be doing hard time for running their mouths.
11. Meanwhile, most of my old associates (pretty much mean that, too) are working for companies contracted to DHS, DOD, State, etc.
12. By their accounts, the contracting agencies are throwing money at problems they do not understand.
13. Suits my associates, just fine.
14. Fought in one war and visited several other war zones. They all took place in third world hell holes and their outcomes had little effect on US security.
15. Under Republicans and Democrats. The political leadership I have been "fortunate" enough to meet reminds me of most general officers: elitist snobs.
16. A final note: recent Rand Corporation study had this bottom line: the lead agencies in AT should be intelligence and police.
V/R JWest

CI-Roller Dude said...

I enjoy your well thought comments everytime. I try not to judge anything or anyone until I have as many facts as I can gather. I makes for better criminal cases etc if you go in with an open mind. I do the same with all the problems we have...I don't judge until I know as much as I can.
DHS is not really anything...they own several other departments--but DHS by itself does nothing.
Too many people in charge of protecting this country have little idea what to do---but if you look at terrorist as criminals---then you can fight them better.
Now I have to work on these thoughts and come up with a new posting.
And I'm still fuming about D--a Airnazis.

Kanani said...

Unfortunately, one result is the longer we're there, the less the vox populi here pays attention. We're off their radar, they've moved on.

Meanwhile, many have done 3 deployments in 6 years, ratcheting up depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Coupled with the economic downturn and the dismantling of community mental health service programs, it is a Rx for a long term domestic disaster. So while their 3 deployments in 6 years may have kept Americans safe, whether or not Americans will pay to ensure their long term access to healthcare isn't cut back remains to be seen.

As for Iraq? Spread our resources too thin. That was running the military as though it were a corporation with an endless supply of people for hire.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I have a buddy who was in the Gulf War (often referred to now as the "First Gulf War") who then joined the Nat Guard and went to Bosnia and Iraq with us. He moved to another state, then went to Afganstan....
I have soldiers in my platoon that have done 3 tours in Iraq with the Cal Guard....and never complained once. A few who've done a Bosnia, Iraq then just came back from Kosovo...and are looking for another to go on.
If told to go, I'll go again....but right now I'm not "looking" for another deployment....I volunteered for Iraq once...that's enough.

Kanani said...

Well, volunteering once is more than most of the detractors have ever done.

Citizen Soldier said...

That's ok my MOS is in flight missle repairman.