30 August 2009

Anything for the General sir....

From the Soldier side: My long time readers know that a few months ago I did my 2 week "Summer Camp" for the Army National Guard. One thing I have to make sure everybody knows...this unit I'm with now, is the best unit I've ever worked with, except the Marines in Fallujah, Iraq. It doesn't matter what rank you are, as long as you have your shit together, they will let you do your job. For 4 days I ran the pistol range. I had 4 2nd LTs assigned to "help" me. One LT was my LT, the others were from other platoons.

To me running the range wasn't work, because it's something I enjoy doing. The only "glitch" we had was the day some General needed to qualify on MY range. They gave me about a 2 hour notice, so when his driver rolled up and his aid come up to me to announce the General was there. I walked over and made contact. He seemed like a nice guy. Not too pompas or arrogant....seemed sure of himself. But the thing that made me like him was...he could shoot. He fired perfect for day and night fire.

The last day on the range, my LT was counting the ammo we had left over. He said we had a little over 500 rounds left. He said: "we won't have time to shoot it all up, I guess we'll have to turn it in." This was the first time this LT ever worked on a range....and he'd never seen me shoot. I did my part to help expend all rounds. It was the first time I got to fire the M11 pistol.

A good day at the range is when your trigger finger gets tired.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...


Shows how out-of-touch I am now as I had no idea we'd adopted the Sig P226 as an issue weapon.

Watching the video reminded me of a first shirt I had at Riley who used to bring his own .38 revolvers to the range to show us his old-skool skills.

Anonymous said...

A good day on the range, for sure...
Cool video.

It doesn't look like you had any trouble taking care of that spare ammo. Nice shooting!!

I went to the range yesterday... Wish I could drop clips like that.
500 rounds huh? Wow.

I shot about 150 rounds and my trigger finger hurts and my thumb is purple. (it sorta got in the way once...) ouch.

Coffeypot said...

Five hundred rounds of ammo is a bunch to shoot at one time. Aren't your wrist and arms a little sore?

CI-Roller Dude said...

Steve, the Army issues the M11 to a few folks to carry concealed. It's a little smaller, but makes no sense to me. I don't care if they give a M9 or M11, but in Iraq you can't always find M11 mags or parts.

J, I'll be glad to show you how someday.

Coffey, Nope, I work out.

j summ said...

what do you carry on the streets? i bought my own glock 22 when we transitioned from 9 to 40 and they started handing out usp 40s. after everyone broke numerous firing pins, we went completely over to glock. now the new hires get a choice between the 22, 23 or the xd40. got to say i never liked the m9. the lightning man and i are old 1911 mps.