11 August 2009

So...ya' wanna' dance?

From the Soldier side: One of the things I've tried to teach my soldiers over the years is how to survive in any situation. It could be a gun fight, or how to avoid an "Article 15". Another thing I tried to pass on is how to have fun anywhere you're at.
Sometimes, other people tried to set up "fun" for the troops. My fun was looking at the everyday things in Bosnia and later Iraq and trying to laugh.
So, how many of you like to dance? I'm not very good at it...and I usually don't even try unless I've had a few drinks. Since I don't drink much these days...I don't dance much. At my age and place in life...that doesn't matter.
However, one day when we were in Baghdad, Iraq (did I really have to put "Iraq" after Baghdad?) the nice folks who ran the MWR (Moral, Welfare and Recreation) had come up with a "Salsa Dance" night. I had a couple of guys on my team at the time who were really into Salsa Dancing, so they talked me into coming along.
I have no friggen idea how to Salsa Dance...and since we had "General Order Number One" we had nothing to drink. But, I thought I'd walk the mile over to the MWR center with my guys just to see if they had anything else that I might consider fun....
Nope. Just Salsa Dancing.
I am one who will try to not waste any given moment in time to find something funny. So, work with me on this...try to think of 3 female soldiers and about 100 male soldiers. It's a war zone, so everyone is carrying some kind of weapon. M-9's, M-16s, M-249s.... and trying to salsa dance whilst holding their weapons.
I laughed my ass off.....I am sure I had just as much fun as everyone else did. I finally had enough fun and suggested that everyone "stack arms" and I'd watch the weapons.
A fun time was had by all....I guess.
The next day my team and I got sent off on another mission to Kalsu...what a shithole that place was. No Salsa Dancing there. Just random mortar rounds everyday after lunch.


Red said...

That is so awesome! I can just picture all these Soldiers trying to dance while holding their weapons... so did you try to salsa?

CI-Roller Dude said...

Hell no. No beer, no dance.

Coffeypot said...

I dont' dance either, but I can tap my feet and bob my head to the beat.

Anonymous said...

Sure I'll dance with you!
Hold on, I'll turn up the speakers on my computer, and strap on the 20gauge...

Ok. I'm ready.
Oh wait...maybe a little sip of Scotch.

Ok. now.

Hahaha...that was a great post, D!

Opus #6 said...

I'm a dancer. Mostly ballroom, which includes latin dances, but also swing dancing.

I particularly remember one entire weekend devoted at a Salsa Dance clinic. I wasn't the best dancer, but not the worst. A woman who knows how to follow can usually keep up with any partner.

I like the salsa music on your music player. Cute with this post.

Citizen Soldier said...

Great job being a good sport and watching the weapons so your guys can have some fun. That is a sign of a leader looking out for his guys. That is probably something I would have done since I don't dance either.

CI-Roller Dude said...

O#6: I'm pretty sure I'd spent any money I had set aside for dance lessons on ammo.
CitSoldier: It wasn't so much caring for the soldiers, I just couldn't stand all them good weapons bumping into each other. They were getting all scratched up.

Wrx: Scotch, 20 gag, that'll do.
Reminder of what "General Order Number One" was:

First rule: No drinking!
Second rule: No sex!

Coffeypot said...

Hell, I'm following the rules and I'm not even deployed.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Soldier...I agree. He's a very good leader. :)

D, it was only a sip, not a drink. ...and I'm not even gonna ask what rule #3 is.

Kanani said...

Coffey pot ...HA! The best comment on the thread!!