22 May 2009

OIF Acronyms, last part

From the Soldier side: The rest of OIF slang and acronyms--
sandbox : Iraq
sandpit : Iraq
theater : Any big screen TV, video projector or "whatever" set up to watch movies. I never saw a movie that wasn't at least a year old...except for the "hajji" bootlegged DVDs that were illegally copied.

TCN : Third Country National: A citizen of a neutral country who is in the theater of operations as a contractor. The Nepalese truck drivers who were killed by Ansar Al Sunnah in the summer of 2004 were TCNs. KBR preferred to hire TCNs over Americans because they could pay them a hell of a lot less money.

TCP : Traffic control point. This could be very extensive, or simply take a couple of Humvees and block a road...to look for bad guys, weapons or whatever....
VBIED : Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devise. i.e.. Car Bomb.

Now don't you feel better informed when you watch CNN?
Have a great Memorial Day weekend...and don't forget to fly your flag.


~J said...

I really do prefer a masked man carrying a large weapon bringing me the news.
much, much better than CNN... ;)

Thanks,D...it's very confusing to not know what these things mean sometimes.

You have a good Memorial Day too.
I will definately fly my flag all weekend.
...and remember those who this day is for.

coffeypot said...

Why would I watch the Communist News Network? They only report the things that can get our men killed. I'm not a big FOX fan either, though I do trust them more. I have my friends that I will remmeber on Monday, as do you, and I am teaching my grandkids the real reason for Memorial Day. Thanks for all you do, too.

CI-Roller Dude said...

And as I get older and crustier...I remember that I am really just a mercenary...and the best part of Memorial day is...I have to work on patrol and get 8 hours of Holiday Pay...which adds to my retiement total...