03 May 2009

More OIF Slang and stuff...

From the Soldier Side: Being that I'm still in the National Guard, I had to go do my "Weekend" thing this weekend. It was good being around the new "LTs" when they were giving a briefing or something...trying to sound cool with acronyms and stuff that I'm sure they really don't understand because the poor guys have yet to be deployed somewhere. I just watched and listened...I soaked it up and it helped me think of more OIF stuff. But overall, I'm very happy because so many of the younger soldiers are able to take the lead for training and get things done. All I had to do was sit back and watch. Now I know I can retire and not have to worry.

More Acronyms from OIF:

CHU : Containerized Housing Unit (pronounced “choo”) - Aluminum boxes slightly larger [22’x8’] than a commercial shipping container, with linoleum floors and beds inside. This insulated CONEX shipping container has a door, window, top vent, power cabling, and an air conditioner. One version houses four people, while another is split into two, two-person rooms. The version with a shower and toilet shared between two rooms is called a "wet chu", which provides less crowded latrine and shower conditions than tents. The CHU gives soldiers a lot more living space than tents.
CHUville : a base consisting of a large number of CHUs.
Death Blossom : The tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the "death blossom" spraying fire indisciminately in all directions. The term originated in the 1984 movie "The Last Starfighter."
DFAC [Dining FACility] : A DFAC is where you eat. Soldiers eat in a dining facility, or DFAC (pronounced dee-Fak). Old soldiers (like me) show their age they call it a "chow hall" and if you say “mess hall” it dates you. DFACs are modern looking cafeteria, some decorated it with sports memorabilia, movie posters, and televisions with ESPN, CNN or some other news... (the one Giant / Dodgers game that was on, I got thrown out because of closing time...pissed me off.) The closer a DFAC was to the "Flag Pole" (high ranking generals and shit) the better the food was...the further away, the worse it got.
dirt sailor : A member of the Navy’s Construction Battalions (Seabees). In Iraq, a sailor playing a part that is not a normal Navy role.
FOB : forward operating base.
FOB Taxi : any vehicle that never leaves the FOB.
fobbit : service member who never goes outside the wire off the forward operating base. (Old school grunts like me called them REMFS--I'll describe a REMF later)
FRAGO : fragmentary order. Fragmentary order is an abbreviated form of an operation order, usually issued on a day-to-day basis, which eliminates the need for restating information contained in a basic operation order. FRAGOs do not take the place of an OPORD. A FRAGO determines timely changes to an already existing order. The important point here is that a frag order is issued based on the basic operation order and is not a "stand alone" directive. It will normally state the changes from the basic order such as enemy situation and new taskings. A more formal decisionmaking process may be required before issuing a FRAGO, especially if a major adjustment to the operation order (OPORD) is needed. FRAGO is now used everytime any change comes along..."Oh Shit, another FRAGO."
To be Cont.....


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..."mess hall"...I won't tell you how familiar that term is. DFAC it is.

It's good to hear the younger soldiers are doing so well in their leadership ablilities. It must feel pretty good to see that :)

coffeypot said...

I've come over here from America’s 1st Sgt and thought I would drop off a few sites that I use sometimes to figure out the acronyms I hear and read about. This may help out some of the non-military types and even a certain sergeant.


I’ve been lurking for a while, but I thought I would drop these off. I’ll be back; that is if you don’t mind an ex-Navy Tin Can sailor visiting. I didn’t’ retire, just did my hitch and got the fuck out. My mouth would preclude me from making twenty.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Coffeypot...all vets are welcome. Go to my older blogs and read about how the Sea Bees were my security team on one of my visits to Fallujah, Iraq. They were the best infantary I ever saw...Dirt Sailors.
My mouth has kept me from getting promoted for years...but now I work for folks who like the hear the truth...