10 May 2009

Happy Mothers day....Yeah, I'm not a mother, but I've been called ...

From the citizen side: Who says your kids never listen? I was pretty sure that when my kids were growing up that they never listened to me. I mean I never listened to my dad...he told me not to go in the Army and I did. He was right.
Last Christmas my oldest son got me a "Flying Pig" thing to put in my office. Nobody else understood what it was for. But it proved to me that he did listen to me when he was growing up. He's an adult now...married, owns a housed, 2 cars, you know the grown up stuff.
Now when he got me this flying pig for last Christmas, most people thought it was because I'm a cop. (we get a lot of pig things for Christmas and birthdays....I don't really mind, they sometimes make good targets for my .45)
But...the Flying pig was different. It made me feel that all those lessons I taught my kids when they were growing up were not a waste.
The story goes: Many years ago when my oldest son was in high school, he had asked me if he could take my brand new Pontiac Grand Prix to the school dance. He wanted to impress his date. (they broke up 2 weeks later as I recall.) So, when he asked if he could borrow my new car, I said: "Sure, when pigs can fly."
The night of the dance he was getting dressed. He looked pretty sharp. Then he knocks on my door and says: "Dad, can I have the car keys?"
I looked at him with a puzzled look and said: "What car keys?"
He said: "The keys to your new Grand Prix...remember I asked you a few weeks ago?"
I said: "...and...what did I say? When pigs can fly. Remember that?"
He looked even more puzzled and said: "Dad, pigs are flying over the house right now."
He was right. There was a California Highway Patrol helicopter flying over.
I had to hand him the car keys. Smart kid.
hey I promise to get more OIF slang up here soon...I just like to drag it out.


Wrexie said...

That is one clever lad you have there...
Who did he learn that kinda wit from anyway?

coffeypot said...

You should know that you cannot outsmart your kids. You have the experiences over them, but not the smarts.

Does you acronym OFI stand for Operations Information File, or Office of Fruitless Information or what?

CI-Roller Dude said...

OIF= Operation Iraqi Freedom...but we changed it to OER= Officer Evaluation Report, because it seemed that most of the officers were just looking to get a good eval report. They couldn't afford to have any negative comments--even if they had to ignore the truth and what was really going on or happening.
or OILMF= Opertion I Lost My Freedom.