23 May 2009

In Memory, SGT A, KIA: June 2005

From the Soldier side: I have a special flag flying in front of my house. It's a flag that was flying at Camp Cody, Bosnia in 2003 just before they closed that camp. I guess somebody forgot the flag, so I grabbed it and took it with me to the next two camps I was at in Bosnia.
I liked that flag so much, I took it with me to Iraq in 2004. It went on every long mission I went on.
When I fly that flag, I think a lot about it. But this weekend, I'll also think about my friend Roberto. He didn't come home from Iraq. He was a good guy. When I think of doing my duty, I think if I could destroy every terrorist asshole in the world, I'd be very happy. If I could find the ones who set up the Penetrater IED that killed Roberto, I'd kill them my selves.
Added note: Roberto was a range master for the US Border Patrol. I think it was proper that they named the weapons range on our camp in Baghdad after him. Nice tribute, but you have to die to have something like that happen. I don't want anything named after me for a long, long time.


coffeypot said...

"He was a good guy." That says alot about your friend and fellow soldier. Many men would be more than happy to have that epithet - me included.

All Navy ships fly a commission flag (pennant) atop their mast as long as they are a commissioned ship. I have one from my ship that was covered with soot from the stacks and, since she was sunk with 74 lost lives, I treasure it, too.

Anonymous said...

Keep that old flag flying...I think that's a good way to honor Sgt A this weekend.

You're a good friend, D.

Some things might be outside of our control...but the bad guys will pay...they can't hide from God.