28 May 2009

"All Units...respond to vehicle roll over..."

From the Cop side: It seems when I post something about fake vets, I get a lot of response. This is a topic that for some reason, really seems to piss me off. I suppose I could get help for this...maybe even medication. But why? When I find people who are faking being a vet or having been in the military...I am not nice to them. Really.
One night I was working the "DUI Shift" at the police department I used to work at. I enjoyed that shift because I didn't have to take all the bullshit calls that day shift got. I got to deal with and arrest the real bad guys. I was good at getting drunk drivers too. This shift was "adjusted" as they thought they needed me, but on Friday nights I was busy.
The call came across the radio, and also showed up on the in car computer: "Vehicle crash, possible roll over...all units respond." (all units wasn't really a lot, there were only 3 of us on counting the sergeant.)
The call was up on one of the winding, narrow roads on a hill in town. These road were dug out in the 1800's and the only improvement was pavement. They were narrow and in many locations, a fire truck had to stop and back up to make it around a turn. I was the first patrol car to arrive in the area, but I didn't see any wrecks. I then used my spot light and started looking down a drop off. There it was. A car upside down and I could hear a guy screaming. Cool. Blood and guts with what was sure to be a drunk driver.
I got down to the car and there was a guy crawling away. He said he was the passenger and he last saw the driver running up the hill. We ran the license plate on the car and learned where the owner lived....but before we could go look for him, we had to help this other drunken, injured passenger lying on the ground.
The injured drunken passenger had a broken leg... and the medics arrived quick and started to treat him. He started to tell the medics: "I was in the Army...stationed at Camp Pendleton...I've had worse injuries than this when I was in the war."
That got my attention, despite the other things I should have been doing. I walked over to mister drunken injured passenger and said: "you were in the Army and at Camp Pendleton? What was your MOS? Why were you at a Marine Camp?"
His response: "What's an MOS?"
I walked away from drunken, injured passenger and gathered up my "raid team" to go look for the driver. He only lived about a block from where he crashed his car, so we walked towards his house.
As we got to the house, we saw that there were no lights on. I sent the rookie to knock on the door while I stood in the shadows. I could hear noise in the shrubs on a hill just below the house. I walked over to the noise, pulled my Taser (I love Tasers!) and told Mr dumbass to come up the hill or get a shock. He did. He was hooked up and taken to the hospital to be checked.
When we got to the Emergency Room, the drunken, injured passenger was already there getting his broken leg fixed.
Now guess who I was the most pissed off with? I walked over to where the drunken, injured passenger was and said: "the next time you pretend to be a vet, think about those who really are."
(What I wanted to do was break his other leg.---sometimes I bullshit a little.)


coffeypot said...

We know what every serviceman goes through. The bullshit, the homesickness, the drills, the silly ass rules (though many actually save your life)& regs and, to some, combat. But there are there, and now days, via volunteering to do so. The rest were simply not man or woman enough to face it, but want the glory.

You could have ‘accidentally’ tripped as you came into Mr. Drunk Passenger’s room and fell with your elbow coming down on his broken leg. OOPS! Sorry!

Have you thought about teaching at the Police Academy when you retire? I have an acquaintance (I don’t have many friends) who did that, and seems to really like it.

Ally said...

Hear hear for the idea of tripping. As a former nurse, I cannot count the times (back in the 80s) some guy would trot out that 'I was in X special forces' line - for anything. . . date, something free, while waiting at a bus stop, etc.
You do have a wonderful blog, may you write long and often!!

Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuude. I like your new colours a lot. Nice...

Ok. I said my chick thing...now go break his other leg for me.

Anonymous said...

I think some people like wearing the uniform...but are not really willing to serve in it. They say all the right words to anyone who will listen, but when it comes down to it...they just seem to be there for what's in it for them.
That's not a true vet.
A true vet wouldn't cry and whine to get out when his unit was called up to serve...he wouldn't leave his buddies to go without him at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Uh Oh. Your blog is color morphing...wasn't it just yellow?