17 May 2009

What kind of weapon should I get?

From the Cop side: As some of my readers know, I am also a police firearms instructor. When civilians find this out, they often start asking questions other than: "How can I get out of a speeding ticket?"
They start asking things related to what kind of gun they should have in the house. The funniest part of this is; many of these civilians are extremely liberal anti gun freaks! I am shocked when they start talking about getting a firearm to "protect themselves with."
But, I quickly get over it because I support the 2nd amendment-- the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
The difficult part of trying to help one of these converts, is, they have no basic firearm knowledge. They have zero knowledge, zip, nadda, none, less that zero. They don't know the difference between a revolver and a semi auto pistol. So, I'll try to spend a little time explaining to them a little about guns.
If they really want a gun for home defense, I suggest not messing around. Get the biggest gun you can handle. Then they ask how to prepare. I suggest preparing for a mass of zombies to attack you. If you have a gun big enough to take out the brain and fire multiple rounds-- then you're going to be ready for anything. (Gang bangers are very much like zombies.)
So, any pistol you get must start with a "FOUR" in the caliber department. (.40 cal, .45 cal, etc.) and have lots of ammo...best in magazines pre-loaded. If you have a 9mm, it's ok, but you must get good ammo. 12 gauge shotguns are better, as are AR15, M14s etc. (if you live in a state where you can obtain such weapons.)
More than one weapon is better and is training everyone in the home to use them.

The other day I stopped by my favorite gun store on duty. There was a good citizen looking at 2 handguns. He was having a hard time making up his mind which to buy. He looked at me and asked if I knew anything about guns. (I was in a police uniform.) I said I did. He asked: "Which of these 2 guns should I buy?"
My answer? Both of them. Buy one this month then buy the other next month. You can't go wrong that way.

OK, I promise to get more OIF slang out this week...


coffeypot said...

I have a WWII British 303 Infield with two clips, a Browning Automatic 16 gauge shotgun and two 22’s…in a duffle bag in the basement. I don’t live in a very dangerous area and I feel quite safe walking in the neighborhood. I do want to get a hand gun for the house, but it is not high on my list of things to do or get hold of. When I do, I want to go to the gun range for a refresher and show my wife how to use it. I understand the 40 rule because of the knockdown power, but I also hear that a 22 will do more damage as the shell ricochets’ through the body. I guess that’s okay if you are only facing one person, but with multi attackers, one strong shot for each one is preferred. That is, if I don’t shoot my foot off trying to get the gun out.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I have a SMLE 303... great gun, but kicks like heck. I'm still trying to collect a (legal) version of firearms from all the countries I've been in...still working on it. Something that shoots a lot of .22 is OK. Practice makes any of them more effective.

Anonymous said...

Skip the pistols and rifles for home defense... Nothing can beat the 12 guage with .00 buck!

Also, that wonderful sound of racking one in.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I've stopped many cars full of creatins who were very happy to comply with my request once I pulled the Remington 870 and racked the slide over the patrol car PA system.
(sounds like your are cocking a tank.)
"Driver, follow my instructions or you will be shot...now shut off the engine and drop the keys out the window. Thank you. Now open the door leaving your hands in the air...you're doing fine...now walk backwards towards me..."

~J said...

Hmmm...maybe I should get some silver bullets for the .22 to take on the Zombies. Oh yeah, silver is for vampires, huh?

Well...guess I just better be a good shot then.

I like how you show cretins how to comply. awesome. haha