22 December 2009

What a bunch of great guys?

From the Soldier side: SFOR 14- Bosnia 2003. After my last Bosnia mission story I wrote about, some folks wanted to know the “other part of the story.” Who would have played a practical joke on the CI Roller Dude of such an extent that I had to special order bumper stickers on the internet and plan a night mission?

First, maybe I should explain a little about what or who the EUPM is and was at that time. These are a bunch of police officers from the European Union…Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland and others as well as some countries not in the EU. Canada is included in this. (When I first saw a Canadian officer I asked him when Canada became part of the EU as I thought it was on our continent.)

During my normal assigned duties, I had gone to several meeting at which some of these officers were attending.

Cops are Cops. Even though I was working in my US Army roll at the time, I was still a cop in my civilian life. I was able to talk to these guys and we began swapping cop stories.

What I found very impressive is the police in some countries who do their jobs without the aid of a pistol. None of the EUPM cops were armed while in Bosnia. Many of them were armed in their home countries and a few said they wished they could carry pistols.

I did carry a pistol. I was in civilian clothes for my missions, so I used the old fashion “South of the Border” holster to conceal my M9.

The EUPM Cops would work in the stations with the Bosnian Cops. The EUPM were observers and might make a suggestion or two, but they didn’t make arrest or do investigations. Sometimes they were baffled by how things were done, sometimes it was impressive how anything got done with so little equipment and often little fuel for the Bosnian police vehicles.

After a short time, I became very good friends with some of the EUPM officers. This was very helpful in my duties as Mess Kit Repair. I often heard about incidents long before word made it’s way back to Eagle Base (my Area of Operations was a 3 hours drive from Eagle Base.)

When cops become friends with other cops, you develop a bond. One night my team and I were invited to a going away party for some of the EUPM cops. There was a great amount of “Adult Beverages” there, but I avoided drinking as it would effect my judgment etc and I was technically on duty when I was outside the camp.
One of the cops was from Scottland. He would often show up wearing his Kilt. One question woman always seemed to ask him was: “What do you wear under your kilt?”
I would never ask a man a question like that because "I don't want to know!"

During the course of the party, I had to use the restroom. I left my digital camera on the table. When I returned later, I found the camera had been left on. I was pretty sure I had turned it off. I took several pictures that night.

When I returned to my room at Camp McGovern later that night, I down loaded the photos onto my lap top.

I found out what the Scott’s men wear under their kilts. At least one other person had assisted in this action by taking the picture.  I can’t publish that photo.
Because they took that photo with my camera is why I had to put the bumper stickers on their vehicles.

Some folks also wanted to know what happened to “D” from a few stories back. After I questioned him, I determined he was a total dumbass for letting that girl slip away and it was totally his fault, so don't feel sorry for him! He’s fine and continues this day to soldier on.
Christmas stories to come soon….


powdergirl said...

Well, I've always wanted to know, but didn't dare ask. Those Scot's ain't shy, you know?

Was he wearing a tartan thong?

Anonymous said...

Cops in skirts. Wow. Leg holsters would be all they needed to scare the bad guys away. It's probably better they are unarmed. :0

Keep up the Christmas humor Roller Dude...and your funny music... "roasing chipmunks" LOL.
Glad to hear your buddy "D" is doing OK. Merry Christmas!


CI-Roller Dude said...
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CI-Roller Dude said...

What he had on under the kilt was....

NOTHING! and I can't post the photo.

Don't call them skirts to their face, they get very upset.
Thanks for checking in..."D" is the biggest dumbass I ever met.

Coffeypot said...

I have see the Scotts at the Highland Games and it's about 50/50 if they wear anything under the kilt.

D may be a dumb ass, but I still feel for him. I have been a dumb ass too many times because of pride, or too big a mouth. But we all keep on keeping on. We have too.

Paxford said...

Mmmm Kilts! (did I mention my dad is Scottish?)

I'm sure we can all chip in for one of these for you Roller http://www.utilikilts.com/

(grinning madly from so many miles away)

CI-Roller Dude said...

In the photo the cops are from:
Germany, England, Holland and the Scott is on the right end.
After some research, I discovered the main problem was their per diem was so much each day that they drank most of it.

Basinah said...

Having dated a Scot, may I say nothing was worn - it all worked perfectly! ;-) But please don't post the picture - that part of the male anatomy was designed, IMHO, for function, not viewing pleasure.
Hmmmm ... a male soldier who was a dumbass when it came to women ... who woulda believed that? Glad D pulled it together, and hopefully "the woman" did too.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Dating a Scott....?

D was able to soldier on, but I suspect he never got over his failure to get things fixed. I still misses that woman and I suspect he'll have a place in one of the vintricals of his heart for her the rest of his life.