31 December 2009

Battle of Fallujah, (where the streets have no names) 31 Dec 04

From the Soldier side: One of the best parts about my One Year Deployment to Iraq (where we were actually on active duty for 15 months, 3 months of which were totally useless off the wall training) was that I got to travel around a lot. One of the worst parts of my Iraq deployment was we got to travel around alot.  (think: "Inside camp safe. but outside the camp bad.")
When we first got to Baghdad in early December 2004, we sat around on our ass for a few days when the company commander told me to get my team ready to move out the next day. I asked: “Where to sir?”

He said: “You’re going to a place called Fallujah.”

We replaced another small Regular Army team that was attached to the 1st Marine Division. I’ve talked about this in older postings (which by popular demand I’ll leave up for awhile).

However, New Year’s Eve 2004 was something else. The US Military was allowing the good citizens of Fallujah to return to what was left of the city. However, there was no electrical power. No power, no lights. No problem for the US Army Artillery attached to the Marines. They had 155 MM self propelled guns that could fire Illumination (Flare) rounds to light up the night. And they did.

And all the street signs had been take down!  "Where the Streets had no names, use GPS!"

                                             Here's a picture without my face blacked out

When you call for artillery fire it’s called a “Fire Mission” and let me tell you this was an awesome night. You could read the news paper whilst standing outside.
I’ve put some links below to see what the 155 MM gun looks like and for info on the 2nd Battle of Fallujah. I was there and I got the T-shirt.  (and that's today's history lesson)
Happy New Year and when you flip on the light switch, think how lucky we are.

See note below:

155 MM cannon

Battle of Fallujah, Iraq





NOTE: For a friend:

As a Soldier and Cop, and in my own life, I've seen a lot of death.  I've had good friends and family die.   I've tried to save a life and their blood ran out on the ground.  I've given CPR a dozen times. This is one of the biggest stress things you may ever deal with in life.  It is never easy.   What you need to survive:
1.) Know it's OK to cry and be sad

2.) Find somebody to talk to about this...somebody who will listen
3.) Keep the good memory of that person forever, never forget them
4.) It takes time, but time heals things. 
I hope this may help ~ CI Roller Dude


Coffeypot said...

Four great points, Dan. I agree with them, too.

But my main question is, in the link of the 155 MM cannon and the tank, just how tall is the figure used to demonstrate the tank size? It is important to know. What if the man was a dwarf? Or seven feet tall? How can I get an accurate picture of the size of the tank without knowing the scale I have to use to measure it? This has to be Army stuff!

On the other hand, have a safe and happy New Years and props to those you have lost.

powdergirl said...

The wiki link posts the casualties and losses, sad day for the US and coalition forces, and huge numbers among the insurgents.

RIP soldiers.

And burn in Hell, terrorists.

And on that happy note I'll wish you and yours a Happy New Year, and best wishes for for good health, happiness, and prosperity in 2010.


CI-Roller Dude said...

Coffee, them tracked vehicles are big enough to roll over normal cars and the crew won't even feel it. (seen that happen) So let's just say they are big. The produce-- a 155 MM round is the item you need to worry about. One flare can light up a 1 K area.

One good Marine or Soldier can take out 10 insurgent assholes on with the same weapons when the insurgent assholes will come out and fight. A lot of insurgent assholes were killed in that battle and 75% of the city was destroyed.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the 4
-a friend

Red said...

Thanks for the History Lesson of the Day ;D On a serious note, I really like your four rules of grieving... all good stuff. Happy New Year, Dude!

CI-Roller Dude said...

Happy New Year ya'all...and I hope you all get whatever you need tonight....the proper way to bring in the new year.

Anonymous said...

CI Rollller,
we starte th pary ealry so cn't tpe so good. show us yourface pleas
tht oif 3

CI-Roller Dude said...

Somebody once told me Rehab is for quitters.
Rule #1 of internet. Don't TUI
Type Under Influence.

Anonymous said...

be careful out on the streets tonight, please.