30 December 2009

Clean up time

From the Editor: I've been doing this blog since Sep 2007. I've started going back and looking through my early postings...and feel it's time to clean them up. I'm deleting all the old postings. But I'll save some to re-write and re-post later when I run out of shit to write about. I have no idea what some of my readers think if you don't leave a comment from time to time. If I write crap, let me know. Try to keep the comment on the topic for the day. Remember, you're the customer and we aim to please. (not really, I write for my own therapy) I do try to be funny, but I'll warn you when something about soldiers getting killed or wounded is coming up so you may want to skip that one if you're not up to it.
I had a good friend killed in Iraq a month before I got there. I had another good friend killed half way through my tour. I also had about 8 fellow soldiers wounded pretty bad. I write about war sometimes. Remember, war sucks.

Coming soon:More Streets with no names- in Iraq
Happy New Year Fallujah 31 Dec 2004
Hey, they forgot to get us ammo!
and more adventures of the CI Roller Dude

I'd like to thank Sergeant Grumpy http://blog.sergeantgrumpy.com/ who's blog inspired me to start mine. Grumpy and I were in Bosnia together. There's also been many others who I've made friends with over the last 2 years...Thank you.

UPDATE: And for one of my favorite things I've done this last year, and my face ain't blacked out... check out my blog from:

18 June 2009


Anonymous said...

Keep it all Roller, don't delete it. Meaning to you may morph, but it has no way of doing that if it's gone. Pull it off if you wannu, I know I've come to that place, but I've kept it all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I haven't gotten to read all your older posts yet!

I am sorry about your friends. My sister was in Kuwait. I am so glad she came home (After a year and a half) safe. Thanks again for your service!

Coffeypot said...

I agree. Keep it all. It may not be where you are now, but it is where you where then. It is important to your writing to see how you have developed and grown. (or deteriorated into madness)

Emperor said...

Hoah Big Sgt. If you keep writing, I'm gonna keep reading.

RIP to all our fallen brothers. Never forgotten.

And when I go back next, I will use your advice. No one gets hurt or worse, or I'll give them a good face kick.

-Lib Soldier

CI-Roller Dude said...

Hope & Coffeeeee,
How the heck said this was a democratic blog? Some of my early writing sucked. If some rookie cop turned in shit like that to me now, I’d throw them out an air lock or something. Just kidding. Thanks for your input. Life is very good!
Chris, ….OK, I’ll wait a bit, but I already deleted some of the really early ones…they sucked, but I kept some to re-write later.
Emperor, copy.
And I think I accidently deleted a comment about somebody being inspired to be a cop when they get out of college. I’d go into network security if I were you, you’ll make more money and nobody will spit on you.

powdergirl said...

Aw, don't delete stuff, I just got here and I'm trying to catch up.
I'll fight you for the democratic ruling in this.

Do you indian leg wrestle?

CI-Roller Dude said...

PG, I can squat lift a cop motor cycle. but I'll hold off for a bit...no need to rush into anything unless you're gettin' shot at...then it's smart to move quick.

Anonymous said...

Save the old posts. Pleeeezzzze? Life's a journey...
I like your latest song, BTW. :) Cindi on the other hand. hmmm.

Happy New Year, D.

Paxford said...

Aww.. but how can I then go back and read about your earlier adventures if you pull it all?

CI-Roller Dude said...

AJ, glad you liked the song. Life's a journey, yep.
I'll leave it up for awhile.


just kidding.

Coffeypot said...

50 Push Ups? Fuckit erase the whole damn blog.

Anonymous said...

Quit whining. I was a teacher and still got spit on!

CI-Roller Dude said...

yeah I've taken some pretty rough 6 year olds out of class for spitting. My handcuffs kept falling off their wrist.

Coffee, you can do "mental pushups" since you were old navy.
Think about 50. OK, good, recover.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping your old posts! I have your 50 pushups, but no Humvees available. How about a Ford Focus?


powdergirl said...

I can do fifty, and there is one Hummer parked in the yard, will that do? Its not really dirty though, or mine, nah, I'm not washing that.

But thanks for keeping the posts.

Anonymous said...

Knuckles and toes, pushing ground, SIR!

:-) Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Happy New Year!!!!

CI-Roller Dude said...

شرب القهوة = Drink Coffee in Arabic.