09 March 2009

More "Stolen Valor" --Fakes!

From the Soldier side: I had to go "play Army" this weekend. I was pretty good training and I had a chance to spend more time with my troops and learn more about some of those that are new to the unit. The food still sucks, but what the heck.
I was able to sit and talk with some other Iraq Vets. It's funny, but in our line of work (mess kit repair) it seems no matter where you go, you'll run into somebody you know, or, when talking you find you both know some of the same people.
Sometimes this is a good chance to talk about somebody who was or is a good troop. However, sometimes we learn more about some of those who are total fakes. One of those, who I'll just call "F", had been on my team back just before Nine Eleven. He had some really good bullshit stories. How could I tell they were bullshit? Because they kept changing and he kept telling people things that I knew were impossible to have been true. He claimed to have been a Navy SEAL.
This guy was a "Buck Sergeant" E-5. In the Army, you can wear your awards from other branches, but he didn't have the SEAL Trident on his uniform. He would tell anyone who would listen how he was a SEAL. But the stories kept changing. The "Team" number he had been with changed every time he told a story. He was fat, kept failing the PT test, and had a poor lack of shooting and weapons skills. I felt it was impossible for him to have been a SEAL, because every real Special Forces type I had ever known, didn't do one thing that "F" kept doing...they never bragged.
I was never in and never will be anything "special" but I have met a few who were. I felt honored to have been near them, or had them as a leader. Their good parts rubbed off if you paid attention. The real ones are good, the fake ones are less than useless.
Anyway, SGT "F" changed units after I challenged him about his lying. He went to Iraq in OIF 1, then returned making up all kinds of stories about stuff he had nothing to do with. His stories got worse in Iraq and some who were with him told me that he actually started to wear the SEAL Trident. ( we think he was actually in the Navy at one time)

There are a few blogs with info on this bullshitting asshole, but to help other find out when someone is faking, check out: http://information.usnavyseals.com/us-navy-seals-info/10-ways-to-spot-fake-us-navy-seal/

Some of this will apply to other "Special Forces". Whenever a homeless drunk tries to tell me he was a "Vet" I find most of them make it up. They usually go with telling me they were in the Green Berets, or a Marine Sniper, or some such bullshit. I like to ask about the "team" or "group" etc they were in, and watch them get confused.
I'm sorry to say, but my advice is never trust anyone who brags about stuff like this. Have them show you their DD 214 (alot will not even know what that is) or a copy of their orders for awards etc.
If you find a fake, shoot them in the gut.


Hope said...

I can see people like that lying to civies but milfolk? Seems pretty retarded...well and embarrassing.

"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

The type of folks who lie like that need mental help. They usually have low self esteme etc, and lack the abiltiy to actually do anything Good.
They are sick...I guess it's wrong for me to get mad at them, as I suppose we should treat them like anyone else who suffers from mental illness and is retarded...but I can't help but want to gutshoot them.

Anonymous said...

Mr CI Roller. I agree with you on most of it, but anyone who commits "Stolen Valor" should not be treated nice. If you do your research, you'll see a lot of former military folks who've done it that should know better.
There is no excuse for somebody lying like that.

J said...

I don't think people who misrepresent honorable men should be given compassion. If "F" is menatally stable enough to still be in the mil...then he's fair game to be held accountable and exposed for his pathetic BS...

Fu Manchu Dad said...

I knew quite a number of guys who were in Force Recon and a couple of SEALS too. They were most definitely not the type to brag. I myself used to frequent a little hole in the wall bar where the bartender used to introduce me to others as a SEAL. I had told him I was just a regular Marine, but in his addled brain, I was a SEAL. He'd introduce me, and I'd have to go back and explain it to whoever he introduced me to. Good times, good times. It's one thing for folks to BS...but a whole other kettle of fish when they try to profit from it. Hangin's too good fer them bastards.

Howie Feltersnatch said...

I wish I could be a seal, I love to swim and eat fresh fish. I fogot to mention, I also like to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Got eat a Tuna Salad and splash some water in your face.

Anonymous said...

I knew a guy who was "green berets" scout sniper, recon, SEAL and the door gunner on the Space Shuttle.

Howie Feltersnatch said...

You know what? I knew a guy who was so full of himself, that he actually told stories about telling off Generals and high ranking officials. He told everyone that would listen that he would have to take over and take charge of the monthly drills and two week vacations because nobody else was intelligent enough.

If you actually believed that guy, you would think he single handedly ran the entire national guard during his one weekend a month. Guys like that give the national guard a bad name. He makes it seem as if there are absolutely no competent people running the show.

My response to much of his nonsense would always be, if you know so much and are so great how come your not running the guard…? I never get a response.

Dennydog said...

If he actually has a DD214, look at it very closely. There is a fairly substantial black market in providing documentation to the more thorough type of liar.

Like the rest of his lies, though, the documents won't have enough consistency to hang together.