27 March 2009

Laid to Rest, 4 O.P.D.

From the Cop side: At work, one of the things I do is sit on the team that bargains for our contract. I've done this many times over 20 plus years. In some of the more recent sessions we've had, the "other side" has had an attorney on talking for management. He's a total jerk. There is nobody I know who likes the guy.
One day, when he was really trying to piss us off (I wouldn't let him get to me, never show your emotions when talking money)...anyway, he was just sitting across the table...showing his ugly Mr Potato Head face.
I looked at him and said: "You know, how were are judged...how people decide how good we were in life...how we figure how good a person was in life...is by how many people show up at their funeral service when they die....I mean how many show up because they want to show respect."
He looked like he was going to cry as he thought about this...
Today, in Oakland, CA they had a funeral service for the four officers who were murdered there last Saturday. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people showed up. That was at least 5,000 people per officer. I never knew them guys....but how many people will show up at the assholes service who shot them? I'm thinking 1 or 2.


Hope said...

I'm sorry to hear of this, D.

J said...

It's such a horrible tragedy...and it breaks my heart for their families...
I was glad to see so many people turned out to show their respect.

I read in the LA Times that there is typically 1 parole officer assigned to 70 parolees. I don't know how an officer could still do his/her job.
It's scary our officers have to constantly hunt down crazy killers like him who don't think twice about murdering someone.
...and who never should have been walking the streets in the first place.

Fu Manchu Dad said...

Here in SoCal I was sickened as there was a small rally in support of the scumbag who shot these 4 good men. The spokesman for the group likened the killings to getting even for the occasional wrongful killing of black men that happens at the hands of police. He was clearly out of his f**king mind.
It truly is a testament to these heroes that 20,000+ showed for the services. God bless their families.

America's 1st Sgt. said...

How anyone could rally in support of a dirtbag that rapes 12 year old girls is beyond my capacity to imagine.

I have a buddy who is a deputy sheriff in Seattle. He was once asked how many times he was in a situation where he had to shoot bad guys. His response; "Not enough."

Semper Fidelis to all the cops out there. It's not a job I think I would want to do. Which is funny considering what I have been doing in Iraq.