24 March 2009

4 Dead in Oakland.....

From the Cop side: As many of my readers know (all 3 or 4 of you) I work as a cop in Northern California. 4 Police Officers were murdered in Oakland a few days ago...that's about 45 minutes from where I work. I have mixed emotions about this.
I've been warning newer cops that there's some changes in Police Work these days. One thing that is changing is: A lot of the bad guys are not just trying to run away, but they are attacking the cops. In many cases, the officers are injured and no longer able to stop the bad guy (dirt bag, POS, asshole, etc) but the bad guy takes a weapon and executes the cop. For years we just had to worry about getting into vehicle or foot pursuits. Now, we are facing an insurgency.
In the case in Oakland, CA, some of the info that is "Open Source" had come out about what happened. The dirtbag in this case had committed at least one rape (of a 12 year old girl) and had violated parole and other crimes. He was stopped and had at least one handgun in the vehicle with him. He shot, then executed the officers who stopped him. He fled to his residences, then up armed himself with an Assault Rifle (violation of CA law, Federal Law etc)...then ended up killing 2 more cops.
One question comes to mind... How many of his family or friends knew that he had firearms?
What I think the officers families should do is: Sue the asshole's family.
The pathetic part is: The asshole's family will probably sue Oakland PD for killing the asshole!
NO, turn it around. Somebody knew that the asshole had guns....find out who knew and sue them. If they have no money (likely on welfare) then cut off the public money and give it to the officer's families.
We Police Officers have to be professional and correct all the time, but our biggest fear in our jobs is doing our job, then getting sued. Let's turn this around. Sue the assholes...and their fa miles.
If we start suing every time we're wronged, then the assholes will eventually catch on. Now, the sad part is, we have to be careful about the funeral arrangements for these officers because the assholes may protest or attack. Kind of reminds me of my year in Iraq.

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