28 February 2008

Working Knives

From the Soldier and Cop side: I had "P" ask me what kind of knife I carry or carried in Iraq. Well, I own about 100 knives, but the one I seem to be the happiest with and I carry all the time is my EMERSON CQ7B folder. I bought it when they first came out in the 90's and prefer it over all others. I have carried on patrol as a cop, I always had it in my jean pocket in Bosnia on missions and took it everywhere I went in Iraq. I still carry it today. I know if I have to use it for some nasty business, it won't break or fail me.
On police patrol I also carry a newer knife made by Gerber. It's a rescue type that has a screw driver kit with it and comes in really handy for normal everyday cop crap. Again, it's not a toy and will hold up to anything I need it to do and has a cool little seat belt cutter thing on it.
Knife rules: Keep them sharp and clean, don't play with them, treat them like your life depends on them to work and be there when you need them.
Did I carry a big sheath knife in Iraq? Nope, I had my Emerson folder and I knew it would be right where I put it and didn't have to worry about loosing it or cutting myself with a bigass knife.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture and for answering my question.

How big is the Emerson when it's opened? Is that Emerson one of the handmade ones?

Oh, that's a seatbelt cutter on the Gerber...


"D" AKA CI-Roller Dude said...

The Emerson blade is about 4 inches...and I don't think it was hand made, but when I sent it back to them from Iraq they sharpened it for free.

Any other questions or comments and you can ask any time P.