12 February 2008

OK, go get them!

From the Soldier side: OK, where was my last mission story? Oh, whatever (CRS), this will be the end of that mission, so I won't even go back and see what number we're at.
MISSION MOSUL, last chapter: After the burger flipper "chatted" with the knuckelhead, we decided that we had a pretty good idea where the "insurgents" lived. We had a description: "Arabic Male Adult, with dark hair, dark beard, wearing a man dress and about average height and weight." That should narrow it down to a few million people. I still wanted to confirm and few little points, but we had to return our "customer" to his hotel room for the night.....see, after Abu Grabe, there were really strict rules about everything we did with our "customers." They had to get a full night's rest.
However, the buger flipper thought she'd be a hero and went right to the manuver commander (the guy in charge of the grunts) and tell him about the suspect who was lobbing mortars at the camp. The buger flipper figured she'd be a hero by not following my suggestion that we wait and get more info out of this guy before we lauch a raid....but, the manuver commander wanted to get somebody, so they launched a raid that night.
It was a good raid I guess. They covered the neighborhood...and saw a few guys running out behind the suspected house. The ground troops couldn't reach the guys who were running, so they asked the Apache flying air cover if they could spot the runners. "Yep, we got them...what do you want us to do, over."
The ground commander said: "Can you fire a warning shot and get them to stop running, over."
The Apache pilot said: "Affirm, we can fire warning shots...but all we have is anti tank cannons, over."
So the Apache fired a warning shot....s. And, like any smart person, the suspected insurgents ran even faster. The Apache pilot advised the ground commander of same, and the ground commander requested that the Apache stop the runners.
They sent me digital pictures the next day....kind of looked like the by-products on the floor of the butcher shop...and they actually asked: "Were these the guys you were looking for?"
I'll never know...but the camp didn't get mortared the rest of the time we were there....so, I guess the Burger Flipper was a hero after all.
Next mission: Al Asad


Anonymous said...

I have seen pictures of what you speak...that is a pretty good description actually...ewww. I guess they shoulda stopped huh?

Anonymous said...

...ewwwww hamburger.

Katana said...

hmm. Yeah, that works.