03 March 2008

The Double & Tripple Vets, SFOR, OIF, & KFOR

From the Soldier Side: Yesterday a bunch of my buddies from the National Guard unit I belong to in Calif loaded up on a bus and headed off to ugly old Camp Roberts Calif. These troops are starting their training for KFOR 10, in Kosovo. I'm not going with them, and I'm not even a little worried.
Out of this group, there are a few who've been deployed to Iraq, or Bosnia. But the "special" few, and I mean few, went to Bosnia (SFOR 14) and Iraq (OIF 3) with me. They wanted me to go with them so we'd all have matching T-shirts, but I had to take a break. Some of these guys had full time good jobs, and some will actually make more money on this mission than if they stayed at home.
Some of those going are "rookies" who've never deployed anywhere before...out of that group, there were some who were "upset" they had to go...but overall...all were looking forward to this adventure. Now, keep in mind, there were enough volunteers that the tripple vets could have stayed home, but they wanted to go.
I'll miss them and the weekend drills will not be the same.....but I'm sure they'll find something else for me to do later... there's always another deployment waiting around the corner.

Whatever happened to the good old National Guard...ONE WEEKEND A MONTH, MY ASS!

So, should I get on with another war story mission? Leave a comment if you think I should.


Hope said...

uhhhh duh! lol...insert the roar of applause here.

J said...

Before your story where you change "jobs" after Al Asad...
will you tell one more cop story first? Then....on with the war story, soldier!

Anonymous said...

Another story, please.
V/R Jim W